EUR/USD Will Fall to it’s New 1.5000 Support Level

With the Bollinger Bands, Full Stochastics, StochRSI and RSI saying the same thing on the one day EUR/USD chart, it seems like that pair is due for a retracement after yesterday’s jump over the 1.5000 hurdle.

EURUSD Bulls with Better Oppurtunities

EURUSD bulls have shown their strong strength by reaching resistance level, a breakout of resistance can influence bears to surrender for a while and bulls have opened road. For now, bulls still have better opportunities.

EUR, GBP and AUD Support and Resistance

As the market continues its sideways movement it is a good idea to keep cognizant of important key levels of S&R as well as the 50 SMA and 100 SMA. When markets move sideways for an extended period of time ensuing price action on a breach of major S&R or an MA can be quick, therefore you want to be in a position to execute.

Aussie and Cable Take Hedging Control

Want some 24 insurance against a falling portfolio, or need know the best way to trade in-line with the long moves when the regional market is closed? If equity markets drop in value, a Gbp/Usd put may be the vehicle, here’s why; S&P futures fell almost 25 points in the…

Bearish Gbp/Usd

The pair went into Long mode on 16th Nov and has held that momentum read. The flows of sentiment from overbought to oversold are readable, and reliable, and are right now overbought. The price action is in a sideways channel, but the near-term trend has allowed the tests of support…