Stock Market Education – Get Your Bulls And Bears In Shape!

Getting a stock market education will allow you an alternative source of income at a pursuit that is both flexible and rewarding. The stock market is a thrilling place to make some money. But its walls have seen more paupers than billionaires. That is why it is important to learn the rules of the game ...

EURUSD Bulls with Better Oppurtunities

EURUSD bulls have shown their strong strength by reaching resistance level, a breakout of resistance can influence bears to surrender for a while and bulls have opened road. For now, bulls still have better opportunities.

EURUSD Further Jumping is Expected

EURUSD new support and resistance levels are formed, it looks like wide trading range is formed between these two barriers. While candles remain in this area, further jumping is expected. For now, while support holds, bulls are in better shape.

EURUSD Stays Positive

EURUSD stays positive, however bulls are struggling to reach new highs, resistance level stays still active. However, further jumping is expected, but while support line holds – bulls have chances to recover. For now waiting is better option.

EURUSD Bears and Bulls Calmed Down

EURUSD bears and bulls calmed down, at the moment situation is very silent with low movements. However, according to bulls activity, they do struggle to reach resistance level. For now waiting action remains for this pair.