Welcome to my site
This site its recommended for people who love to learn and talk about Forex, Why i name this site Forex Stund ? well most of people misunderstand about this “STUND” means, its actually my nick name while im still in college, they always calling me STUND referring my real name Stewart, I’m graduated from Economy majoring, and I love to pay attention with all the things related with money earning, but since it also contain a risk, therefore you need to be careful and re-considered again with all the possibility of losing your money.

If you ask me, which Forex broker I following or which trader that i joining, i wont tell you that, its simply because i dont trust forex thats why i prefer to write it down about forex here, to make sure people have a balance news about forex, because sometimes you will find bunch of forex site that bring you to another referral link from other forex brokers, but this site different, its more to giving information regarding forex with update information and useful for the reader.

and i hope you like this site and enjoy

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