2008-2009 Annual Report on China’s Software Market

Currently, affected by international financial crisis, the growth rate of China’s economy slows down, which brings macroscopic unfavorable influence on enterprises’ investment in information technology. Because Chinese government has consider the convergence of informatization and industrialization as important tasks so as to promote innovative national construction; Chinese government encourages enterprise to carry through IT transformation through income tax return and arranging special funds, which is good opportunity for IT industry. Besides, country informatization strategy is the key to drive the demands in IT industry market.

Chinese government will implement ten measures and 4 trillion to stimulate economy; China will strengthen investment in transportation, medical, culture, education and ecological environment, which will bring opportunity for informatization investment. Software enterprises should timely adjust market strategies so as to seize market opportunity. In order to have sustainable development, software enterprises should formulate long-term development strategy and enterprises’ resource optimization, which includes cash flow’s guarantee, the optimization and adjustment of employee and management; on the basis of maintaining existing advantage, they should actively transfer to new emerging market so as to seek new market and growth points.

In the face of innovation and changes in the market, we release 2008-2009 Annual Report on China’s Software Market (General Report), which helps vendors, investors and industry insiders grasp more accurately laws governing the market’s development and in combing the development track of application value:

Deep and accurate market research data: On the basis of in-depth research of leading vendors’ product, service, channel and marketing strategies in 2008, the report depicts changes in the market from the angle of product structure, regional structure, vertical and parallel segments, and distribution channels.

All-round and profound brand analysis: After summing up enterprises’ performance in the dimension of market segments, competitive strategy and SWOT analysis, it analyzes opportunities and challenges faced by homegrown and foreign vendors in the new round of competition.

Scientific and complete forecasts: Through regression modeling and expert verification in major market segments, it conducts analysis of related industry links, to present valuable trend analysis and quantitative forecast result.

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