Affiliate Marketing Tips-How to Copy & Paste Your Way To Profit

Copy N Profit is a step by step comprehensive program written by Jamie Lewis and Letian Liu delivered through video. Jamie & Letian give you their successful campaigns in affiliate marketing through Google Adwords.  An affiliate marketer is someone who advertises items or ebooks(digital information products)owned by someone else and makes a commission on the sale. The attractive part about becoming an affiliate is there is no need for a website or a product to make money online.

Next comes instruction on how to set up a Google Adwords Account. Google Adwords are the small ads on the right side of a google or yahoo search. These ads are called sponsored ads because the owners of those ads pay money when someone clicks on the ad.

Google Adword Campaigns are very easy to set up, can be edited or paused anytime, and become active within minutes of setting up your account. Uou can literally start making money within minutes of listening to and digesting all of Jamie & Litian’s material and the time it takes to set up your accounts. Yahoo is a bit different as it takes longer to get started. Yahoo has a minimum of .10 a click for all keywords. They then give you the very same ads and what works and what doesn’t work relating to their current advertising campaigns.

Jamie and Letian give detailed video instructions on setting up successful adwords campaigns for some of the top affiliate products on the market. For example if you were searching for a new bicycle you would type in the search box, bicycle. If you specifically wanted a red bicycle you would have typed in red bicycle, if you wanted a 10 speed you may have typed in 10 speed bicycle. Bicycle and red bicycle and 10 speed bicycle are keywords. Whatever you or anyone in the world types in the search box is a keyword that will trigger results relating to these keywords. The process of doing keyword searches is time consuming and somewhat of a crap shoot for the newbie marketer. So the fact that all of this research is already done is a real benefit to this program.

In these uncertain times, with the economy in a recession, finding new sources of income is essential for many. If you are ready to give it a go and want to make money from the comfort of your own home without a boss looking over your shoulder or down your back, I recommend you purchase Copy N Profit and follow the directions step by step. Within no time at all you will be up and running your own home business as an affiliate.

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