Brokers Should Make Trading Experiences Pleasant

Dealing with brokers is believed to be a pleasing experience. These individuals are there to help traders with their finances and be helpful. FXPRIMUS is made up of institutional and retail traders that have decided to find solutions to the various problems traders face in the market world. There are thirteen major issues that arise constantly. Every one of these issues is eliminated by the FXPRIMUS team, permitting clients to trade with simplicity.

Not only does this on-line trading associate assist traders to have a much easier time with their funds, however they even permit them to earn commission for referring new individuals. Clients are able to get commission from trades made by the individuals they refer to FXPRIMUS. This is a win-win situation. The client earns a bit of profit from the trade, the new referral gets the advantages offered by FXPRIMUS, and the company gains new clients.

The top problems traders deal with consist of needing several accounts for trading Micro, Mini, and Standard lots, only receiving a 4 decimal point price feed, having flexible and set spreads which are too wide, and not being allowed hedging or scalping. Every one of these problems has marvelous solutions set in place by FXPRIMUS. There’s also no need for opening an account to take a long period of time. This is another 1 of the 13 major problems.

Some traders feel that their broker is actually a market maker. They have the feeling that the broker is trading against them. This problem is remedied through FXPRIMUS since they’re a Straight-Through Process broker, or an STP broker. There is no stop-hunting, manual manipulation, or shading which takes place.

Getting slipped and paying a higher price is very frustrating to traders, which is where the zero-tolerance rule on slippage comes in to play. FXPRIMUS enforces this policy to the fullest and never slip their clients.

Accounts aren’t difficult to finance and there’s no need to be anxious about how secure funds are either. The Client Support offered is exceptional and available all through the business week on a 24 hour basis.

Two final issues that are included in the main thirteen list are that only low leverage is available and only essential commodities and Forex can be traded. FXPRIMUS offers leverage up to a 1 to 500 ratio. As for the trading ability, other goods available on the platform of FXPRIMUS consist of; Global Equities, gold and silver, and even gas or oil. These brokers genuinely know what trading should be like and are able to create an thrilling experience for their clients.