Bullish Trend For U.S. Dollar

Bullish  Trend For U.S. DollarUS dollar up trend is in the spotlight today. The greenback rose to a seven-month high against the yen earlier Wednesday, while US dollar index, which monitors the value of the dollar against six major currencies, rallied almost four percent since early July respond to positive economic sentiment US On Tuesday, the index reached 82 930, highest level of the year, after experiencing weakness in the first four months was 1.2 percent.

Hope that differences in monetary policy will continue to widen US policy in Europe and the UK will push up the value of the dollar index investors in line with consideration for US interest rate hikes, according to Capital Economics.

“The dollar rose against other major currency pairs in one year. But we do not believe this rally will stop, look at the prospect of monetary policy considerations US and other countries, “wrote an analyst at Capital Economics.

“At the end of 2015, we predict the dollar will strengthen further against the euro to $ 1.25, $ 1.60 against sterling, and 120 yen,” they added. On Tuesday the greenback (dollar) trading at $ 1.3121 against the euro, $ 1.6584 and 104.81 yen against sterling.

Fueling speculation the Federal Reserve in mid-2013 when the institute issued a plan to slash its quantitative easing program. But the current implementation of the increase in interest rates remains uncertain.

Last month the Fed minutes showed some policy committee members want to raise interest rates when the economy looks repair. However, overall the other members feel the need to monitor the data further before action.
By contrast, Europe looks dovish policy. Estimates of the increase in interest rates by the Bank of England faded amid concerns that arise as a result of the weakening of the wage data, while the European Central Bank (European Central Bank – ECB) is expected to take a step easing quantitative easing.

“We agree with the overall market view on interest rates in the future in the UK respond to market expectations of growth recently. And we also agree with the general view that interest rates in the euro zone will remain at the lower threshold for the foreseeable future, “said Capital Economics.

“Nevertheless, we still feel that the investors were too optimistic about the outlook for interest rates in the United States and that the Fed will tighten monetary policy more aggressively than originally envisaged, along with the strengthening labor market that affect the appearance of upward pressure on wage inflation,” added analysts.
“Our view is that the dollar will go higher,” said Ray Attrill, head of FX strategy at National Australia Bank.
If the Fed indicates a more hawkish tone again at the next meeting, investors may begin to take into account the rise in interest rates in the second quarter of 2015 rather than mid-year, thus encouraging the strengthening of the greenback, he said. “The next Fed meeting will be a catalyst for further strengthening”.

However, he acknowledged the risks: “When the moon is a statement similar to the statement issued in June – when they repeat the wording then there is a risk that the initial curve moved to the United States will respond to price adjustment due to tightening plan in 2015 that has been done in the weeks later. ”

Standard Chartered’s Callow index predicts the dollar will rally until the end of the year, but the dollar is not going to give too good results against some of the major currency pairs Asia.
“Our forecast is $ 1.27 to the euro and 106 yen to the dollar-motivated by positive economic developments in the United States, compared with Japan and the euro zone,” he said. “What are the factors determining a fundamentally better.”