China Should Offer More Open And Fair Market Environment

According to China Euro Chamber of commerce’s report in 8th Septemper, chinese market barrier protection is more and more serious, the members of chamber of commerce are facing a more and more closed market, China government need to provide every market participant a fair market environment, and offer a chance for the enterprise to achieve sustainable development.

” China government have confirmed that it needs more new grow motive prower for Chinese enonomy development, and the economy frame also need to be adjusted, the twelfth 5 year development plan also mention the industry upgrade and the development of service and green economy model. ” Chamber of commerce said.

the chamber of commerce also claim that these plan is correnpond to the sustainable development target, it is also the challenge to Europe companies’ Service and green economy development, Europe companies are now facing more opportunity in chinese market.

Chairman of chamber of Euro Commerce Davide said that china show her aggressive side in the twelfth 5 years development, it also raise Euro Chamber of commerce’s expection toward chinese market, cause Europe enterprise development need the power from china’s growth.

But Davide also mention in the same time that China need to reform and open their market more deeper, and remove the market barrier. the competition can only be cultivated in this way, it can also stimulate the private company, small company and china economy’s development power.

as we know, compared with a few decades ago, Chinese market is more open. China goveronment welcome and encourage foreign company to develop their company and business in China. the friendly attitude toward foreign company provide them a lot of advantage, and as we know, China domestic company, not the small company and private company, but the Public official enterprise, they have more advantages, the resource, technology, Fund they have is far more than other private company. this is what we call the unfair market. just as the Euro Chamber of commerce say, small and private company also need more resource to develop their business.

offering an open and fair company is good for both China and Europe countries. China is the developing country which mean China need a lot of foreign companies which is have more advanced technology and mangement system to invest in China. For Europe foreign companies, China’s cheap larbor force and other kind of resource will keep their products more competitive in the market, at least it will be competitive in price.