Complaint That Apple Infringed Patent Would be Unlikely to Affect The Chinese Market

As a pair of old smartphone competitors, take advantage of Apple’s market share, and Samsung seems to have been in the relationship between competition and cooperation, it is difficult simply to define with opponents or partners.

The Asian Group also filed another lawsuit against Apple in a court of the District of Delaware in the United States, alleging violations of patents from Apple in telecommunications technologies. Samsung had already filed a complaint against the firm at the apple for patent infringement in South Korea, Japan and Germany in April.

The fight between the two groups is not alone on the growing market of smartphones and touch pads where profit margins are relatively high and unstable leadership.

Still, the relationship between Apple and Samsung are the least difficult to analyze and narrow, as if the two companies compete in terms of clear consumer products, Apple is also the largest customer for Samsung components such as logic chips, memory cards and LCD displays.

Since the first complaint was filed, each party defends its different skills and advantages in the market, analyzes the “Wall Street Journal.” Apple highlights its ability to design distinctive, a skill that allows him to charge higher prices and enjoy higher margins.

Samsung says its part that its manufacturing prowess are equally or more valuable. The struggle between the two giants at least encourages speculation in the sector.

According to many analysts, Apple might be tempted to stop its customer / supplier relationships with Samsung, a move that could prove very costly for Samsung, the activity component manufacturing being the most profitable company in recent years.

According to the Chinese newspaper Commercial Times, Apple could also choose to move away from Samsung as a manufacturer of its next generation of processors destined for iPhone and iPad.

Apple is currently in contact with the manufacturer Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. to put into production next year of the chip “A6″ intended to equip the next model iPhone and iPad, the newspaper said.