Condition of Battery Market

Without doubting, people could not live without battery nowadays. No matter the one in cars or in the laptop, battery have been a partial of daily life. Then it is very important for us to store the battery, because the materials which made of battery in some way is harmful to humans. What’s more, in order to save the energy in the battery, we should know how to store the battery.

Inappropriate storage way would significantly shorten the life of battery. If you find your battery will not be in use for a month or longer, the suggest method is to remove the battery device and store it in a cool, dry, and clean place.

In today’s electrical equipment market, lithium battery is regarded as the hottest energy vehicles especially the four cathode materials of lithium iron phosphate and laptop battery. They are the hot concept recently. Turn all kinds of battery products compete, lithium iron phosphate becomes the leading motive power in battery market. People are optimistic about the high demand of this industry. The industry of power battery can be described as one of the rapid development trade in recent years.

Besides the lithium iron phosphate, we may have heard a variety of battery power. For example, on some bus shows, there is a new energy bus which is using a sodium sulfur battery. But this kind of battery energy has been denied because experts pointed it is very unstable under high temperature. There is another kind of battery is lead-acid battery. It can be regarded as a more mature product, but because of its high pollution, this product gradually discarded.

In recent market, the lithium-ion battery is the mainstream product which is determined by some majority agencies. The energy density of lithium-ion battery Ni-MH battery of about 1.5 to 2.5 times for lead-acid battery 3 to 5 times, self-discharge indicators also has significant advantages. For now, lithium iron phosphate is the best choice. However some experts pointed out that the iron phosphate lithium battery powered electric vehicles is not an effective solution. Because from a single cell voltage of view, lithium iron phosphate lithium cobalt oxide and other materials than the much lower energy density lithium iron phosphate is low, the battery system, large volume, large-scale use may not be appropriate, need to do more technical demonstration.

In a word, the market of battery energy is still changeable. We could not define which one is always the main stream products, because the technology develops every day and every minute.