Currency Trading Software | The Sign Of The New Era

Currency trading is used to be something reserved for the elites or professionals, which means in order to do it you need to have enough capital and skills required to analyze the currency pairs. Those rules are no longer valid and now literally anyone can join the forex trading due to leverage system and forex trading software.

The leverage system eliminates the first requirement: large capital. Today, with 100:1 and 10,000 units for 1 standard lot, you only need $100 to start trading. There are brokers that even accept USD25 deposit; it is hard to generate large profits from such small account, but it is a good start.

The currency trading software eliminates the second requirement: analysis skills. The fast development in forex trading software make the users need a lot less skills to make profits from forex trading. These are some software that has made trading a lot easier:

1. Trading Platform
These are the one that provided by online broker for their clients. Depend on the features, you can do all sorts of things here. Usually, the basic features available are live price feed for allowed currency pairs, charting, and order execution.

Many of the current trading platforms have become really sophisticated currency trading software. It has many functions such as charting, trailing stop, various indicators and oscillators, etc. You can also check all of your account and positions details. Basically, the platform should provide all that you need in currency trading.

2. Technical Analysis Program
Technical analysis application have many features to help your market analysis. The software also own historical market data so you can put your strategies into backtesting.

In order to use it, you need to input the basic rules of your strategy and select a specific time period to test it against market movement at that time. Most of the good trading strategies are ‘graduate’ smoothly during eight years backtest or longer. Of course backtesting isn’t good enough; the next thing to do is test the strategies against current market movement by utilizing demo account.

3. Trading Signals Software
This currency trading software is sign of the new automated currency trading era. This program function is send you signals every time there is potential profit occur at the market. The usual format is currency pair, price, and the instruction to buy/sell. After that, you as the owner have to decide to execute the order or not.

If by chance you want to enter the order, it will gives you take profit and stop loss order to minimize the risk. It is truly a no-brainer system that requires no analysis skills at all. The one that provide the signals is a team of expert traders or program with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

4. Trading Robot
Currently, trading robot is the pinnacle of currency trading software. It doesn’t need any maintenance and can do all the works on autopilot. You only need to put it in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and it will run 24/5 analyzing market and trades for you without you even have to turn on your computer. Basically it is a put and waits for the money to roll in system.

It is not created easily though. Currency trading market is very unstable and it is not an easy task to create a system that can adapt to various conditions that may happen in that market.

The first generation of trading robots can’t stand the market change and have failed to analyze the market properly which result in many loss trades. Even today, only a handful of robots still survive and continue to make profits for their user. .

These days, using proper currency trading program, anyone without knowledge in currency trading can earn profits from it; this is something impossible in the past. If you interested in forex trading, whether to learn or for the money, now is the perfect time to get in.