Development of Yiwu Wholesale Market as an International Hub of Exporting

International wholesale markets of different products are in highly demands for the specific group range of products. Due to easy transportation and shipping services by government and private companies, exporting and importing business has grown to very highly and the statistics is still growing as time. Now day’s people used to get best products from different wholesale market at lower rate to get better quality. This way some of the market in the world has monopoly for certain stuff and people are interested in buying that stuff particular from these places for which they are well known. There are so many benefits of exporting the things from these places without choosing local vendor for the same stuff.

As we all know, when it comes to discussion about different wholesale market in the world, china is far ahead with comparison to other countries due to large man power and manufacturing benefits offered by government. As result, we are having most of the entire product which are mainly manufactured from one of the china manufacturer. If we discuss particularly about stationary and handicraft products, then Yiwu market of it is well known with highly increased exporting ratio and increased in foreign and buyers. Because of these two factors, it got succeed in getting its name in one of the largest wholesale market of the world and an international hub of export. Below are the some of the key features of the market, its products, infrastructure, economy manufacturing strength and easy trading process. Let’s make an analysis of all these factors in detail.

It has great infrastructure with world class luxurious hotels and resorts. You can get nearby location of market as per your business needs and requirement with genuine affordable budget. Infrastructure of the city has shown remarkable growth due to tourism industry and business exporting. Along with the hotels and resorts, there are many ancient tourist places and things you can enjoy fully in the city. Let’s discuss brief about the Yiwu market which is big attraction for business and tourist people.

Yiwu market has been speeded to large area approximately of 240, 0000 square meters which consist of more than 60,000 of retail store of different manufacturer and brands and have more than 9000 manufacturing unit of wholesaler from china and around the world. It has been named as biggest market of the china for the last 15 years. As I have explained before, there is a different commodity for different products. This way the entire market has been divided into sub market. Stationary, handicraft, textile, toys, hand tools, socks, cloths, personal apparels & accessories and electronic are the main commodity or the main market for the products. There are around 3, 20,000 different kinds of products and 500,000 standard containers are being exported for different products to the different countries in the world.

As I have said there is a growing no. of foreign buyers and agencies which have shifted their manufacturing unit in the city and getting manufacturing benefits of government. Due to this investment, it has shown constantly growing economy and development. There are also easy trading processes if you are thinking of starting wholesale business. Some of the professional companies in the market will help you out throughout the entire trading process. Doe to these main features, Yiwu market has got success in getting listed in international market of the world.