Email Marketing Knowledge Base: Why Subject Lines Matter

Any email marketing knowledge base that you go to will give you this as one of the most important email marketing tips – choose your subject lines carefully. Subject line may seem like an innocuous part of an email marketing campaign but they are so much more. They are the face of your email marketing campaign. They are the colloquial foot in the door – if one could be liberal enough to state. But subject lines are a tricky business. When creating subject lines, there are marketing and advertising considerations to keep in mind and these have to be balanced against the need to dodge spam filters. In many cases, not every email sent is sent after being solicited. Till date many business entities that have an online presence still use unsolicited means whenever the opportunity rises. This of course doesn’t necessarily make them spammers. Target selection is the most important difference between genuine marketers and regular marketers.

You can see this difference in the spam mail that you usually get as a staple. Many of these spammers have not done a market analysis to identify who their targets are. This is one trap you must not fall into. Email marketing knowledge bases will give you several email marketing tips that specifically focus on subject lines. The general rules when creating subject lines are: keep it short, keep it honest, do not use any spam words, do not mention your brand name or product name, and try to keep the writing style based on a newsreel format.

It is important to understand that the email consumer today is not looking at the internet from a perspective of business; rather, most consumers use the internet for information – useful information that can affect their everyday lives. This need is what an email marketing professional has to capitalize on. Therefore, make newsflashes instead of hard sell subject lines that offer this and that, and so much per cent in discounts, and freebies.

Dodging a spam filter is the other concern. Most spam filters are preloaded with dubious words that could indicate the presence of a spam mail. These filters also analyze the body of email and scour it for words and phrases. Using complex algorithms, they learn how to identify spam and can totally take over the task of segregating mails based on spam worthiness.

In summation, choose your subject lines after a great deal of thought. These email marketing tips from email marketing knowledge bases are absolutely invaluable in creating effective email campaigns. You must also look at the symbiotic nature of other parts of marketing like links that can enhance your business potential. The presence of a link therefore might need to be reflected in an email subject line and can place additional creative pressures on your or your content creation team. However, these pressures are for the larger good of acquiring business on what can only be called the most difficult marketplace in the whole world.

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