EToro Partners – A New Approach to Forex Affiliation

For as long as there has been online forex trading there have been forex affiliates. Just like traditional forex software ignored the fact that the online medium offers great possibilities for user friendly design that appeals to a new public of traders, so did the forex affiliate programs ignore the fact that forex affiliation is different from any other kind of affiliation. The standard methods used in online gaming wouldn’t work on forex traders since it is a completely different consumer demographic.

Then along came eToro. Not only has eToro revolutionized the forex trading industry by introducing a visual and simplified forex software that quickly became the most popular forex trading platform online, but eToro has also established eToro Partners – a forex affiliates program that would recognize the specificity of promoting a forex platform and create innovative tools to appeal to forex traders.

eToro partners has several major advantages over the competition. First and foremost, eToro’s affiliates promote the eToro platform, which in itself guarantees tremendously high conversion rates. The eToro platform is designed to appeal both to novice and to professional traders with its unique graphic trading interfaces, thus its target audience is particularly wide.

One of the more important characteristics of an affiliate program is its commission plans. eToro offers several commission plans including CPA and RevShare plans. These plans are there to provide the affiliate with the opportunity to make the most of his or her traffic. If your traffic is made up mostly of novice traders, then you’re likely to make more commissions with the CPA plan. If on the other hand your traffic is already familiar with forex they are likely to generate more affiliate profits on the RevShare plan.

All of eToro’s commission plans also include a 2nd tier plan which guarantees affiliates revenues from the traders referred by their referred affiliates. Not only that, but since eToro Partners is aware of the profit opportunity hidden in 2nd tier commissions, eToro Partners provides affiliates with special marketing tools targeting future potential affiliates as opposed to just traders. These tools bring the eToro Partners program to the traders’ attention and make them likely to bring in a lot more commissions.

As for trader marketing tools, eToro Partners provides its affiliates with original creative banners, ads and landing pages to draw your visitors’ attention. EToro Partners also provides forex widgets for your websites, so you can easily add dynamic content to your page that at once informs your site’s traffic of the latest forex market stats and news and refers them to eToro. Marketing tools are also available in various languages which enable affiliates to localize their campaigns and to take advantage of local traffic.

To optimize affiliates’ campaigns, eToro offers accurate and relevant affiliate analysis tools that show affiliates their referral statistics. With these professional forex affiliation tools, anyone can easily become a forex affiliate and enjoy a cut of the forex market’s rising popularity. The eToro Partners team is also more than willing to work closely with affiliates to make sure that the affiliate gets the most out of the partnership and the most out of the opportunities presented by the forex market and the revolutionary eToro platform.