eToro: Two Platforms are Better Than One

From the moment of its establishment, eToro had set out to change the way we trade currencies. That meant throwing away the rule book, forgetting about established conventions and figuring out from scratch the best way to learn, practice and trade forex. This thought process gave birth to the eToro forex platform, a unique visual trading technology that opened traders’ eyes to the simplicity of the forex market, and provided an open and social approach to learning forex trading. And of course, as predicted, novice traders rejoiced at the opportunity to get a smooth start in new and not too familiar territory. As the traders’ skill matured so did the eToro platform, adding more sophisticated and advanced tools to the traders’ disposal. This gradual addition of advanced features created a problem: novice traders didn’t know how to use the new advanced tools and ended up feeling confused or making wrong trading decisions based on misusing these tools. Conversely, advanced users had outgrown the stage at which they needed trade visualizations to make sense of the currencies’ price movements in the market and were beginning to find them a nuisance rather than an aid. eToro’s brilliant solution to the mounting problem was to split the platform into a visual platform for beginners and an expert platform for advanced traders.

The split level platform idea seems so natural and ingenious that one has to wonder why no one’s thought of it before and why there aren’t any other platforms out there using this approach. eToro today is the only platform today that takes in account the fact that novice and experienced traders have entirely different needs and that using the same approach for both will inevitably alienate one, if not both, of these segments of the trading community. It also takes in account that traders want to be able to grow with the platform, and would rather stick to the same service provider if they can continue to provide for their changing needs. The bottom line is that the split level platform works. eToro today is the number one forex trading platform online and has thousands of new adherents every day. It just goes to show that thinking outside the box to come up with solutions that answer directly to the customer’s needs, is the way to go in forex trading.

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