EToroUSA – Bringing User Friendly Technology to U.S. Traders

Financial trading in the U.S. had always been a strictly professional and exclusive field, with traders spending years of their lives and thousands of dollars on private training courses and lessons before daring to venture into the financial markets. The appeal of financial trading to non-professional enthusiasts was always contrasted by the over complexity of trading software and industry lingo, and many a potential trader had been turned away simply because the trading tools looked so intimidating.

The mission of eToroUSA was to put an end to this segregation and to open up the gates to any novice U.S. trader willing to learn about the foreign exchange market and eager to give it a try. eToroUSA utilizes the remarkable and innovative eToro technology in conjunction with its NFA licensed operating broker FXSolutions to give beginner traders a chance to trade with low margin requirements, flexible trading conditions and an educational software.

The eToroUSA trading platform enables novice traders to visualize their trades and therefore learn the workings of the foreign exchange market through experience. This unique method of learning has proven exceptionally effectual with traders, especially since they can use eToroUSA’s demo mode that enables them to trade virtual money with live forex market rates. To complement their offer, eToroUSA also offers video tutorials, forex guides and an educational forum where traders can learn more technical information about the way the market works and how to go about analyzing currency movements.

One of the biggest advantages of eToroUSA over other trading platform, is the lively and active community that eToroUSA has cultivated through private and public chats, discussion forums, trading competitions and the innovative Top Traders’ Insight tool. The eToro community can provide a huge educational resource to the novice trader since it gives them access to other people’s tips, strategies and trading experience. By interacting with other more experienced traders, novice forex traders can get the guidance they need as they are starting out in the forex market.

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