Forex Bulletproof – An New And Exciting Forex Robot For Monthly Income With A Discount

On August 31, 2010 Forex Bullet Proof will make its debut. Forex Bullet Proof is the latest Forex trading robot from the Fap Turbo team. It’s no surprise that these are the same individuals that have also brought you, Forex Killer, Forex Autopilot and Forex Evolution.

I can safely say Forex Bulletproof is different, very different, because it goals are so much so. It is intended for novices, however, experience traders can utilize it also. This Forex Robot is all about safe and steady growth as opposed to wild speculation.

No wild claims of $1000, this Robot produced steady and reliable returns month after month for six years. Forex Bulletproof, a software expert adviser that smartly trades on the clients behalf aiming at a steady 5% monthly account balance gain. Many have become exhausted with wild claims and not so welcomed margin calls. This Forex robot was designed specifically to put an end to that and its conservative trading approach eliminates large drawdowns and it make a very realistic claim as to monthly return. Their system is completely automated and doesn’t require any human intervention. This is good because we humans seem to let our emotions dictate our trading

They have spent months researching and came up with the probably safest solution you can have without sacrificing high gains in favor of stability and safety of your account.

Some of the features of Forex Bulletproof are

* The members area is well designed and thought out. It has every FAQ possible, detailed step by step manuals for everything, as well as nice easy to follow video tutorials that will show you screen by screen how to get started.

* This is a fully automated system, you can go have fun since it does not require you to do anything

* You are receiving profits continuously as the fForex robot targets both short and long term trading strategies

* The have tested these system for six years and have the third party proof to verify their claims

* Created by the developers and traders of some of the best Forex trading products out there.

* It carries a 60 day no questions asked guarantee, another words, you get a free 60 day trial

* It’s extremely reasonable priced. While similar systems can fetch thousands of dollars, Forex Bullet Proof is priced so its affordable to everyone

* They offer live chat support, e-mail support, as well as phone support, which most products out there don’t have.

Forex Bulletproof has two additional add-ons for those that feel a little more frisky.

High Voltage ADD-ON: This is for traders who want to take larger risks. This is a high risk/reward trading robot that is able to double deposits in a matter of days The risk of losing the deposit is there but the chance of doubling it is greater, approximately 72%, once doubled, the gain has to be relocated to the stable base package

Market Dominator ADD-ON: This add on consist of the world’s best manual trading systems as witnessed by recent competition. This system has been successfully used by live traders to produce profits of 1000%a month.

Forex Bulletproof is a tremendously powerful system that will predict a trade for you, tell you when to get in, stop loss, when to exit and when to step aside This is not only a trading robot but a teacher. You will not just earn a sure profits but you will surely understand the real world of Forex

If you have been looking for a Forex robot that can generate steady income with low risk, look no more, Forex Bullet Proof is for you. This forex robot was designed exactly for that purpose, reduce risk and steady income This gives you the opportunity to generate reliable steady income to pay those monthly bills without worrying that it might evaporate with a bad trade.