Forex Market – Advantages

The Forex market is a global market where you trade by buying and selling of currencies. This business operates 24 hours per day, 5 days per week and 2.5 trillion dollars are turned over on every single day. The Forex market is been operating since seventies of the XX century – from the moment when biggest countries decided to switch from fixed exchange rates to floating rates. The Daily forex trading volume exceeds 4 trillion US dollar and it is growing rapidly fast.

Several institutions can be found related to Forex such as banks, commercial companies and forex brokers. The largest Forex trading centers are located in New York, London, and Moscow etc.

Forex Trading has a boom in the Forex market now. As you can trade with Forex online, even small investors can take benefit of the Forex market. Forex market is more stable than stock exchanges as it is not subject to huge surges, even if one currency is declining, another one is improving.

Some of the advantages to Forex include:

  • Traders can make profits both on declining and developing economies;
  • Traders can make very short-term orders – with some other markets there are certain regulations;
  • It is much easier to join Forex market – virtually no minimum investement, quick registration, etc;
  • There are no broker commissions or they are very low;
  • Much higher leverages are provided;
  • Market works non-stop 24 hours.
  • 100 financial instruments
  • Different options to add/withdraw funds
  • Spreads from 2 pips

100 financial instruments