Forex Support and Resistance

Most of the time, Forex traders come across Forex terms of support and resistance. Therefore, today we are going to discuss what are “Forex support” and “Forex resistance”.

These two are the most widely used terms and concepts of Forex trading that needs to be given a little attention for understanding.

Everyone have their own method of inculcating Forex support and resistance level, as per their understanding of Forex trade.

Resistance: When the Forex trade moves up and then turns back the highest spot attained by the Forex movement, just before it returned back, is referred to as Resistance.

Support: As soon as the Forex market moves up again the lowest spot from where it started its upward movement – that spot is refer to as Support.

Thus, we can say that support and resistance figures are formed continuously according to the Forex market and they fluctuate oscillate is a regular repetitive movement and Forex market changes are not regular so Oscillate is not the right word with the time. The reverse of this Forex movements indicates the downward trend of the Forex trade.

The most difficult part of support and resistance is the intrigues of support and resistance figures. Sometimes, the support and resistance levels have break-ups and these break-ups are the test references of support and resistance levels.

The test of support and resistance level is indicated using candlestick shadows, which are used to display the figures.

The plotting of support and resistance is not the exact response of the Forex market, but the expected movements of the Forex fluctuations.

Some interesting pieces of support and resistance are – when the market goes by resistance that resistance becomes the support and the price tests of support and resistance level is stronger without analyzing the breaking area.

The support and resistance level helps to measure the Forex trend of the market and make their Forex trading opinions.

The article gives information on Forex support and resistance level to understand the meaning of support and resistance and apply this information while Forex trading.