Forex Trading Strategy: Channel Breakout

The Forex market, which is the largest exchange in the world, capitalizes upon certain trends to yield its traders profit. A popular Forex trading strategy used in profitable Forex trading is commonly referred to as a channel breakout.

Channels in Forex Trading – Channels are lines that are created on a chart to show the range in which a currency has been trading over a certain amount of time. They are extremely easy to produce. By looking at the chart over a time period, you simply draw a line connecting the relative high point trading prices, and another line below it connecting the relative low point trading prices. What you’ve done is produced a visualization of the trading range that has been occurring over the time period in question, for example six months.

Channel Breakout – When the price of a currency rises above the top channel line, this is an upwards channel break. Conversely, if the price of currency falls below the bottom channel line, this is a down side channel break. Channel breakouts can and do occur on the upside and downside. Through proper Forex training in technical analysis, anyone can use this method to develop a successful currency trading strategy.

It is important to construct the channels properly, as not every crossing of the lines becomes a true breakout. If the channel lines are made improperly, you often see trading outside of this range only to come back inside. That’s why it is very important before anyone starts Forex trading to complete a thorough Forex education

Managing Forex Channels Profitably – Once you get the knack of channels, you can start making significant profits. The important thing is to structure your trades with proper stops so that if you do get a false breakout signal, you have an acceptable loss or even perhaps a minimal gain. You’ll find that if you’re on the right side of a true channel breakout, any of the small losses that you’ve accumulated will be rapidly wiped out, and you will be sitting on a nice large profit.

Every serious Forex trading investor uses channel breakouts. If you are considering taking part in investing in currency markets, you should take the time to get some Forex training in this strategy and other technical analysis techniques, which will develop the currency strategies that produce successful results. Without putting time and effort on your part to fully understand the risks and rewards that any Forex trading strategy entails, you will not be able to achieve the results that you desire. Indeed, your profit is in your hands.

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