Forex Trading Systems

There are thousands of forex trading systems on the market, but very few work the way they claim to. There are two types of systems. One is called the ‘black box’ which essentially leaves zero discretion to the trader. These are mainly aimed at traders who are or don’t want to be responsible for their decisions. The other type of system is completely discretional and the traders makes his move based on what he sees. This may work well for experienced traders who have been watching the charts for years and see the same patterns happening over and over but it would not work for beginners.

Most people will tell you to watch the forex news calendar and not trade during news releases as most of these trading systems don’t watch over the sudden movements and may or may not work the way you would want them to during these periods. Many traders use backtesting software to check their systems going back several years but even so, the data might not be accurate or they are not able to adjust with the times when the market moves quickly and it’ll lead you to being blocked off from trade, or of your broker has increased spreads due to news releases.

A forex trading system needs to be well evaluated. As a beginner it is costly to pay for high prices systems and lose your capital. Another factor is discipline. You must have a system which works consistently year after year. You may find a trading system that works quite well but then find out that you are not following the rules. Instead of waiting for the correct signal you may jump in suddenly.
Profitable trading systems are simple to understand. Over complicated systems will make it difficult for you. Furthermore if the strategy behind the system is simple, the chances are that it will also be easy to execute. Profitable systems provide you accurate timing of trade entries. The system must show precision. Calling a market direction correctly but incorrectly timing the entry is not a profitable way to trade. Good systems will provide an early entry for free execution. Trade exits needs to be timed accurately too. Most profitable systems will have defined levels in the market to take profits as well as a set exit points to sell a trade goes the wrong way. Systems which fail to observe this rule will turn potentially winning trades into losses. The risk/reward ratio in a trading system must not be in the system’s favor. Profitable systems don’t necessarily need to win more trades than they lose. It is the profit to loss ratio that is important. The profits made from winning trades must be enough to cover up for some inevitable losses.

Good money management is essential for a good forex trading system. It will lead to keep the system trading and limit losses on your account. Otherwise profits will be short lived. If all these things are proper, then you are looking at a good forex trading software that can truly add value to your online forex trading strategy.

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