Frbiz Reports China Packaging Machinery Will Enter U.S. Market, one of China’s leading B2B industry websites, reports China packaging machinery will enter U.S. market.

The U.S. packaging market will be large-scale use of packaging machinery which from China.

China is experiencing accelerated development process, as a free and open market; the United States door has been open to China’s packaging enterprises. The only question is when China’s packaging enterprises in what manner to go into, and get successful.

China’s packaging machinery whether could break into the U.S. market, on the one hand related to the level of China’s packaging machinery technology. On the other hand, it is related to the U.S. packaging machinery market.

As a highly developed liberalization market, the U.S. packaging machinery manufacturers, “polarization” phenomenon is very clear. While to heat shrink packaging machine, binding machine and sealing packaging machinery also has a significant proportion; the labelling machine, capping machine these mainly large-scale packaging machineries production line in United States has basically does not produce, the market is almost the imported equipments, especially Germany and Italy equipments occupied the market.

Through imitation, introduction of technology and capital and global sourcing, etc., China’s packaging machinery manufacturing level and the level of industrial design have gotten rapidly development. Today, China packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can easily through globalization sourcing gain some of the key components, thereby rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of equipment. If we say that in labelling machines, packing machines and robotic equipment, the Chinese-made machineries can not compete with Germany, Italy and Japan, then in some low-tech products, currently China produced a lot of packaging machineries, has meet the requirements of the U.S. market, and are most likely to get a breakthrough in the short term. In particular, some general-purpose packaging machinery, such as heat shrink packaging machine, binding machine , labelling machine, sealing machine, vacuum packing machine, weighing / filling / sealing machine, etc.. The costs of Chinese-made products are not half of the United States products, which have strong competitiveness. Low price is the key for Chinese packaging machinery to enter the U.S. market.

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