Getting Free Traffic To Your Website

Majority of the traffic generation techniques cost money. For example cost per click at google adwords can go for as much as $3 per click. If money has been your biggest challenge as far as website traffic generation are concerned, in this article, I’m going to reveal three free website traffic generation techniques you can begin to use immediately:

  1. Make comments on blogs. This involves comments on high traffic blogs by other marketers in your niche. People that read your comments will naturally click on your link and that will take them to your website. The secret here is to make sure you are always the first, or one of the first to comment on such blogs. As soon as you receive a notification about a new post from the blog owner, go quickly to the blog and post your comments. Always make relevant comments.
  2. Write Articles: Write articles and submit to ezine owners and article submission websites. Readers of your articles will naturally click on your website link at the end of your article. Always write lots of articles. Write an article a day and there is no way your articles will be ignored. You will be in everyone’s faces. If you don’t have time to write articles, get PLR articles and edit them to make it unique. This is very important because others will be using the same articles.
  3. 3. Give testimonies: This involves giving comments and endorsing other people’s product. As soon as you use another person’s product, send a quick email to the person telling him how valuable his product was to you. Soon, you’ll be having people putting your testimonies on their high traffic websites with a link back to your site. Always ensure that the products you’re testifying about are related to your niche. Give testimonies for products of top quality and by marketers that command high website traffic. Use these three tactics to promote yourself and receive flow of highly targeted traffic to your website.

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