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Global Nuclear Deaerator Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015” is the latest report. The report covers global nuclear power industry development, its growth trajectory and the demand for deaerator equipment. It provides comprehensive information on the market size of nuclear deaerators used in the nuclear power generation facilities. Demand and revenue forecasts of deaerator units used in commercial nuclear power facilities in the global nuclear power sector are also examined in the report.
Nuclear Industry Expansion to be the Growth Driver for the Deaerator Market

Demand from new and existing nuclear power stations is set to drive the deaerator market. There are 41 new reactors expected to come online during the period 2009–2015, which indicates a growth in demand for this equipment globally. The cumulative demand for nuclear deaerators will be 187 units during this forecast period with the expansion of the nuclear industry positively contributing to the growth of the nuclear deaerator market.

The Aftermarket for Nuclear Deaerators is More Significant than the Foremarket during 2009-15

The aftermarket for nuclear deaerators, valued at $81.5 million, is significantly greater than the foremarket worth $23.34 million during the forecast period 2009-15. The total number of reactors that need deaerator replacement during this period is 146 compared to 41 deaerator units required from the new reactors becoming operational.

The European Region is Expected to Exhibit the Highest Revenue for Nuclear Deaerators

The European region will experience the largest share of revenues for nuclear deaerators. The region will account for $50.29 million contributing 47.97% of the global revenues for the equipment over the forecast period. The Asia-Pacific region will take the second largest slice of revenues accounting for 25.85%. France is the leading contributor globally, with a market value of $ 13.97 million accounting for 13.33% of the total revenues generated over the forecast period.

Percentage Share of Revenue Generation for Nuclear Deaerators, Global, 2009-15

Nuclear Deaerator Market to Show Decline in the Revenue Growth during 2009-2015

Year on year demand from the global deaerator market will decrease from 39 units in 2009 to 12 units in 2015, showing a negative average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 20% during this period. Market revenues are expected to be $8.04 million in 2015, declining at an AAGR of 15% between 2009 and 2015. The total cumulative revenues of the nuclear deaerator market are estimated at $104.84 million over the forecast period 2009-15.

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