How to Choose the Right Glass Teapot

You cannot enjoy tea if you do not have a teapot and tea mugs.  These are the essential wares that you will need to prepare and drink excellent black or green tea.  However, you will need a clear glass teapot if you are going to prepare a flowering or blossom tea.  You will also need glass mugs to completely enjoy the elegance of your flowering tea.  With so many teapots and mugs available in the market today, it is difficult sometimes to choose one that will be suitable for your needs.  So here are some tips that could help you select the best teapot and tea mugs.  

The first thing you have to do is to identify your needs.  If you are planning to serve tea to a large group of people, then you better purchase a large glass teapot so you can avoid the hassle of constantly refilling the teapot with hot water.  On the other hand, if your tea ritual is dedicated only to family members and occasional guests of the house, medium sized glass teapot or a personalized clear teapot would be best for you.  It is always advisable to purchase a glass teapot because you can easily use it to display the decorative properties of flowering or blossom teas. 

It is also best to choose a clear teapot that has a special thermal control system.  The thermal control will keep your tea warm but the surface areas of the teapot would be cool to the touch.  This type of teapot is ideal to use during tea parties and special occasions.  Because the tea will stay warm, you will not need to go frequently to the kitchen to reheat the tea or to get fresh hot water.  It is also best to choose a glass teapot that is hand blown.  A hand blown glass is more elegant, seamless and would be very durable for many years of use.  A hand blown clear teapot could be a little expensive but its quality would be excellent. 

Glass mugs are also important for your tea ritual.  You cannot enjoy the luxurious taste of a good tea if you will drink it from ordinary mug or cup.  So you should select elegant glass mugs or glass cups that will complement your teapot.  It is always best to have a full set of glass mugs so you will be always ready to serve tea to lots of people.  The advantage of having glass cups is that you can use the cups as decorative objects.  This is particularly true if your glass mugs have personalized designs.  You should also have a full set of glass infuser mug. A set of glass infuser mug will be very handy when you serve loose leaf tea. 

Choosing the right teapot and mugs for your tea is very important.  You cannot enjoy your tea time and tea party if you do not have excellent teapot and mugs.  You have to remember that tea drinking is an art form and a ritual.  So you will definitely need excellent sets of teapots and glass mugs in order to fully enjoy the benefits of tea drinking. 

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