Introducing Forex Broker – Forex Bonus Programs Of Brokers And Introducing Brokers

Introducing Forex Broker

Years ago, the minimum investment for speculators in the Forex market ran to as high as $10 million, a figure that restricted foreign exchange trading to banks, investment firms, Forex trading firms, and wealthy individual traders. Because of the internet and retail Forex brokers, a trader who has only $200 or less can now participate in foreign exchange spot trading through a home computer.

The increasing number of participants in currency trading with limited capital presented an opportunity for brokers to present them with Forex bonus programs that boost the traders’ incomes and attract more traders to pick the brokers’ services.

There are various ways that brokers present their bonus systems. Some brokers reward their new members simply for joining them by increasing the members’ initial deposits while treating their old clients with a similar deal. For example, a trader who opens an account with a broker who offers a joining bonus of 30% can earn an extra $300 for an initial deposit of $1000. Introducing Forex Broker

Some brokers reward high-earning traders by showering them with prizes in proportion to their profits. Under this scheme, a trader will be motivated to earn more as his Forex bonus proportionately increases with his Forex trading income.

Like Forex brokers, introducing brokers, who match traders with Forex dealing firms that pay them for their referral service, are also generous to their clients. These introducing brokers pay traders for every transaction that they make.

Choosing a bonus program can be as confusing and tricky as picking the right Forex broker. While most rewards are tempting, the wise trader research and evaluate before settling with an incentive system. Introducing Forex Broker

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