Israeli Life Sciences Industry Set For a Rosier Path Ahead

As per our new research report “Israel Life Sciences Market Analysis”, Israel has introduced a myriad of revolutionary and valuable innovations in the field of life sciences during the last decade. Augmented by an extensive skilled workforce and prospering high technology environment, Israeli companies have witnessed the entry of leading multinationals companies in the country, thus contributing to the worldwide recognition of the nation’s life sciences industry.

Our study indicates that, a rich pipeline of seed companies has been fueling incessant growth in the Israeli Life Sciences industry for the past few years. Growing steadily during the past decade, today there are over 1000 active life science companies with over 40 new companies starting up each year.

Further, the systematic and thorough research, studies the Israeli Life Sciences industry to present an insight into the various segments of the Israeli life sciences industry. Our research indicates that, around 57% of the Israeli life sciences companies worked in the medical devices sector in 2010. A series of medical device advancements has occurred in this sector that includes the innovation around the CT scanner (Elscint) and imaging systems (like Given Imaging).

At the therapeutic level, the Israeli industry has been focusing mainly on the diseases, whose existing therapies are not effective or not yet discovered. Our research on the industry indicates that, majority of the Israeli companies are presently working on the treatments for cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease, oncology, neurodegenerative disease, and other age related diseases, like ophthalmic.

Our report “Israel Life Sciences Market Analysis” highlights the Israeli life sciences industry by segmenting it into medical devices, biotechnology, pharma, medical IT & Agro Biotech. Each of these segments have been thoroughly studied and analyzed in the report. Moreover, the report provides an overview of the investment scenario and recent M&As activities, which will help clients in identifying the future demand scenario.

The report studies the current market drivers and its effects on the incessant growth of the industry. The research contains exhaustive information about the market players, government initiatives, and macro-economic indicators that will help clients in formulating market strategies and assess opportunity areas in the US diabetes market. The report also includes a section of exports and analysis by therapeutics that presents a rough idea about the prospective business trends to facilitate clients comprehend the market progress in coming years.