Learn How to Survive From Losses in Forex


When We Can not Accept Such Losses


The ability to accept losses on the trading can be a key factor in the formation of you become a successful trader. I’m not saying that the loss will motivate you to be better;
If you know how to handle the losses significantly in order to inspire the level of your success in trading.

If you refuse to tolerant when it suffered a loss it will effecting to you to the next loss. Learning to accept and deal with losses in the trade as important as making trading successful


Here are seven steps you can take to survive and thrive even when suffering a loss:


  1. Write down your trading results . Do not hide these losses under your carpet. You need to learn from these losses so that you need to write. Include how you see the market at that time and how the state of the market and the indicators used to make these decisions.
  2. Evaluate Your Trading¬† After the trading time expires or when the market closes, back to what you’ve written and see what can be learned. Do you miss reading the market? Is there anything that fails to be checked? Are you taking the position despite not meeting the criteria of your trading system?
  3. Use the loss as an opportunity to learn:”What can I learn from this trading results? Ask yourself, Is there any additional information regarding market conditions can be obtained? Is there anything about your trading behavior that needs to be fixed? Whatever it is, you have the opportunity to learn something new and valuable!
  4. Take immediate remedial action  Do you need to modify your trading system? Do you need to improve your personal discipline? Whatever you have learned, to take immediate action.
  5. Keep Your Emotions ….You always have a choice when you act. You can accept the loss as an inevitable part of trading and grateful that you can learn from it, or you may think otherwise and make yourself feel more negative than before. Essentially you have to keep your emotions.
  6. Remember, probability-based trading. Every trade you have the probability of winning and possible losses. Trading is always uncertain. This is the law of probability trading.
  7. Networking: We all need the support of a fellow trader as well. Talk with your trading friend, mentor, partner or spouse. It helps to unload what was wrong with you and you may get a different perspective.

Placing seven steps in place, you will definitely be on the road to survive and even thrive loss.