Magic Sound Recording Engineer Recently Launched Headphones Sold in The Market Began

Magic sound recording engineer recently launched headphones sold in the market began, this headset market, making China the headset market is more crowded, consumers buy their space is much wider. Magic sound now and a public unfamiliar brand, the more well-known abroad, the English name for the Monster, the first listing of the headset are Beats Studio, the Chinese name of sound engineer, is now selling the headset offer USD 399.
Sound engineer headset designs concise fashion, the theme of black color, with white and red as sand, full of passion. The interior design of the headset in the ear amp devices to help better play their headphones sound effects. Also in the ear are also integrated active noise reduction device for outdoor use, can effectively reduce the interference of outside noise and enjoy the wonderful music. Playback style, has great coloration, showing Beats Dr Dre Monster understanding of music for popular music performance.

Monster in the wire area is very well known, there is a public familiar with the name “monster”, this headset is jointly launched by the monster and dr.dre, the headset is very distinctive new products to attract the attention of headphone enthusiasts. Friends of the headset are interested, may wish to look at the sales counter to the headset

SOLO headphones with similar sound magic, magic sound recordist headphone packaging also used the classic red and black color, the overall visual effect is more shocking. We believe that this is more contrast color schemes are more visual impact, which is the magic sound effects sound like the shock.
Magic sound recordist headset for closed design, the overall all-inclusive ears, cut off from the outside can be good noise. Not only that, the magic sound recordist also added noise reduction headphones, just put in the left ear in the two sections 7 batteries to work. Accordingly, the demons cast right ear headphones sound recordist integrated power switch, and also designed the mute button: Hold down the B word LOGO button to pause music playback and noise reduction features, ease of use

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