Overview of The Forex Trading Market

Forex is actually an acronym for Foreign Exchange and it involves trading two different currencies. For example you may purchase the US Dollar and exchange for the Euro with the hope of making a profit this is what is referred to as Forex trading. Trading one currency for another, the trading uses currency pairs. For example the US Dollar and the Euro or the Japanese Yen and the British Pound, however it is not necessary to trade in specific pairs and trading can take place in any currency.

The Forex market is the largest, most influential and also the most liquid market in the world with the average daily turnover being in the region of over $2 trillion. The major currencies that are traded are the US dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and the Australian and Canadian dollar. These currencies are reported to make up more than 85% of the overall trading and the major participants are naturally the banks, however others include, businesses buying and selling goods and services and therefore converting one currency into another, individual investors and also hedge funds.

Unlike most markets the Forex market trades 24 hours a day and therefore allow traders to buy and sell any time during the day or night and respond to fluctuations immediately. However the market is not available on weekends and all business is carried out during the working week. Trading begins in Sydney and then moves across the world to Japan, London and then New York, due to the different time zones.

Historically Forex trading was only open to people or businesses in the industry, however with the introduction of the internet and various trading platforms online, it is now possible for individuals to trade via intermediaries. Orders are placed and the intermediary or the broker will then pass the order to a trading partner and when you decide you want close off your transaction, your position is then closed and you account is credited with the profit or loss. This is an extremely fast paced environment and all this can happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

It goes without saying that although there is a lot of profit to be made in Forex trading, it is not for everyone and there are risks therefore if anyone is considering it, it should be thoroughly researched beforehand. Many people have made a lot of money by trading in Forex, but many people have lost a lot of money. It would be advisable to find out everything you can before actually entering into a trade and there are many virtual trading platforms available which gives individuals the opportunity to try out their trading skills prior to putting in actual money.