rapid business marketing program to promote innovation and competition to upgrade(2)

rapid business marketing program to promote innovation and competition to upgrade(2)

In fact, from last November to early January of this year, NEC “software users and partners to Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery exchange” on more than ten cities in the country successfully held. Exchange will be “IT security, from worries; IT operation and maintenance, from simple” theme, proposed the “cloud services on operation and maintenance times,” the idea that through the realization of the “visual”, “rapid and accurate judgments,” and “continuous improvement” process, a “unified whole controlled system operation and maintenance management”, to improve IT service quality and reduce operational costs. Hitachi JP1, also earlier this year, in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities held successively launched the theme of “strengthening the response to the wave of virtualization IT Operation Management” tour V9 new activities, to provide users with virtual environments “flexible “and” simple good “of the IT operation and maintenance management.

These, in fact, people have been released from a signal, that is, then, the regional market will be service providers in this area hot new competition.

Four changes in business IT operation and maintenance

â—† Operation object: before IT dimensional transport to the main desktop or products, now more steering system level, application-level operation and maintenance;

â—† forms of cooperation: In the past more than a customer facing service providers, customers are now more willing to choose one to one service provided by general contractor;

â—† Working process: before operation and maintenance people to keep an eye mainly by machines, except now people, it also must have a professional operation and maintenance tools;

â—† Service Standards: In the past operation and maintenance will often subjective or based on personal experience, operation and maintenance is now becoming more standardized and standardized.

IBM Xu Weili: ISM luster Zhi Hui Yunwei

“Through the integration of IBM Service Management (ISM) IT operation and maintenance solutions to help customers not only cross-platform integration, on the other hand, can help customers rebound from IT, in-depth to the asset level to the overall management of all the assets of your business . “IBM Software Group’s Tivoli software general manager of Greater China Xuwei Li said.

Full integration of business and IT

In Xu Weili view, the reason why businesses in recent years started to increase IT operation and maintenance of the degree of attention, mainly in the client’s business systems and information on IT increasing dependence, it is necessary to ensure that they aspects of service quality, availability, and other aspects of performance to a higher standard, “against this application, we offer a range of new solutions to help customers Dazao the service levels.”

Xu Weili new solution is referred to in January of this year IBM introduced a series based on the ISM (Integrated Service Management) concept, for the industry, service-oriented customization and implementation, as well as for the ISM data center solutions to promote enterprise intelligent product and service innovation, and thus for different areas of businesses IBM ThinkPad R50 battery of all sizes to provide better industry, services, and database customization and implementation of control and automation management.

“Integrated Services Management philosophy can be summed up to help business users achieve ‘three transformations’: that is highly visual, control and automation.”

IBM believes that through visualization, control and automation of management, enabling enterprise IT infrastructure, personnel and process connection and thus achieve the overall business and IT systems integration for enterprises to establish and manage the financial business and IT as a whole De dynamic framework, the innovation of products and services, from design to delivery of full life cycle of service management, as well as the Shu Ju center provide comprehensive automation of the software platform to ultimately help companies improve 服务, lower costs and manage risk.

“IBM Integrated Service Management, another concept, that is, level of depth to the client’s assets to the overall management of all the assets of your business.”

In this regard, Xu Weili further explained, for example, IBM said the earth wisdom, physical interconnection concept, which states that more and more people around some of the assets can be monitored, and can interconnection; this process will generate large amounts of data, These data can enable enterprises to make decisions related to intelligence and, ultimately, to provide innovative services to their customers.

From the resource center for the center to the business

Although Xu Weili operation and maintenance services in the IT industry for more than 25 years of experience, but in his view, IT operation and maintenance is still a growing new areas, particularly in the Chinese market. “In fact, operation and maintenance in the field of IT, including ITIL has a number of criteria, including good and, combined with these standards, IBM has a lot of best practices can provide information to the enterprise.”

Air China, the letter is IBM in the areas of IT operation and maintenance, a typical success story.

As for the SAC under the command of an information service company, China Civil Aviation Information Group supports the development of civil aviation reservation, departure, distribution, clearing four business information systems, services extend to more than 300 domestic cities, more than 100 international city.

In order to better meet the needs of business development, create more perfect the IT operation and maintenance monitoring and management system, after up to 6 months of technical feasibility studies and testing, Air China, the final decision letter choice IBM Tivoli Netcool lT service management solutions to help China Air letter build a new generation of IT operation and maintenance monitoring and management system ITOMS system.

Through the implementation of the project, Air China, the number of letters from the monitor screen 16 before the unity of one; average case processing time from 300 seconds prior to the implementation shortened to 30 seconds after the implementation. After rule filtering, compression, customers concerned about the incidents increased from tens of thousands of pieces a day before the reduction for the dozens of pieces to help customers with resources from the center to the center of business for the operation and maintenance control changes.

“Can see the earth wisdom, the concept of such things there networking, making IT and non IT gradually blurred the boundaries between, this fact is what made IBM so the significance of integrated business management, and we will work towards SONY VGP-BPS8 battery this direction has been walking. “Xu Liwei said.

Teamsun Lvsong Huan: SLA is essential

“IT operation and maintenance are a prerequisite, whether it is telecommunications, financial, or other industrial customers, the customer must take his IT system as a service system, rather than a technical. Only then did he need operation and maintenance services, or he do not need. “Teamsun Lvsong Huan, senior vice president said that if his client IT systems as a service system, operation and maintenance support services needed, let a good IT system for his customer service is to meet signed with the customer SLA (Service-Level Agreement, Service Level Agreement).

In fact, Teamsun all IT operation services are designed around the SLA and promotional.

Four steps to implement SLA

“Teamsun the operation and maintenance services is to use a variety of methods to ensure customer’s IT system can provide a line between him and his clients agreed SLA.” Lvsong Huan said that some of the SLA is written on paper Some of the industry’s practices, for example, the Internet customer demands 7 * 24-hour operation, is one of the most simple SLA.

He pointed out that as part of IT service management, IT operation and maintenance before the design is this good business, the specific implementation to the IT level up. As a result, Teamsun’s IT operation services primarily through four levels of problem solving to ensure the availability of client IT systems.

One is when can be used. Case is the customer’s IT system has not yet built, Teamsun can help its for system construction, from the budget, procurement, integration and the delivery schedule; the other is the customer IT system is in place, company to help it solve the 7 * 24 hours to 8 hours or 5 * Can the problem. “We have a package solution can be used to resolve customer problems when, for example, with virtualization, with the cloud method, when it can be used to get quickly, or to shorten the construction period of his, he can use to speed up the problem. “

The second is how much can be used to solve the problem. Combined customer base facilities, CPU capacity, network bandwidth, storage capacity and other physical conditions, comprehensive assessment of how this system can support the customer’s business systems; The third is more than can be used well. By Teamsun a lot of tuning options, enabling customers to the network faster and more efficient use of storage space, database capacity faster, for more effective the system. The four can use more stable. Through technical means, ensure that customers, system stability, consistency and reliability.

IT itself is service

Not difficult to see, to solve the above-mentioned four aspects of the business combination if the program more, he can give customers the services provided by the richer the better; the contrary, if the business combination of the program or just have a sufficiently comprehensive On the one hand the professional competence, which can only provide a particular service, which obviously can not meet customer SLA requirements. In this area, Teamsun, Shenzhou data and other large integrated IT service provider clearly occupies an advantageous position.

“Now more and more respected one-stop customer service, the service to a company, which requires that we must build multi-dimensional service support system.” Lvsong Huan said that at present the company’s service support system including hotline support, expert support, remote support and other forms. Based on the company’s e servce service system, a request from the beginning to the final delivery, the whole cycle of each process has a strict monitoring and management.

“Foxconn president Terry Gou I agree with the sentence: ‘out of the laboratory, there was HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery no high-tech’, IT operation and maintenance as well, out of the laboratory, to the client, it is a tool. I believe more and more and more customers will have this view. But now I think the market did not talk about the IT system in the end with his client’s SLA is what this point is very important. This concept is clearly out, I believe that IT services management market will be great. In the final analysis, IT itself is a service, SLA is essential.

Lv Songhuan Finally, IT Operation IT service management is a solution, is to protect the SLA of a solution. “We hope with our customers to work closely with, and this cooperation is the entire life cycle, we worked out together with the SLA, and then decompose to the IT part of the SLA, together with operation and maintenance, to ensure we can deliver services in line with SLA’s. “

HP Ye Jian: the effectiveness of decisions and the effectiveness of technology

“HP’s technology services development in China’s history is long, Hewlett-Packard in 1985 to enter China, the company’s business is to sell in China to provide support services for HP hardware product oriented. Basically in the market at that time, everyone IT services have no idea. on the operation and maintenance of domestic IT market, HP than the others have a more profound understanding of a number. “Hewlett-Packard Co., China, Chinese Vice President, Enterprise Business Group, General Manager of Technical Services Division, said Ye Jian .

From the “365 challenge” to the business continuity

In fact, as China’s first obtain ISO9002 certification for information technology support services company, as early as 1982, HP began operation and maintenance services to HP in the country’s commercial products and enterprise customers a full range of products and professional after-sales technical support operation and maintenance services. Currently, its services mainly related to HP’s mainframe products, storage, software, personal computers and workstations, handheld computers and printers full range of IT products, technical support, responsive service in the form of standard support services and enhance the active-site and on-site support services, more customer-critical business enterprise to provide highly reliable service and the active hand of key business alliances, corporate IT systems for the sustainable operation of law.

“Ensure that ‘business continuity’ is the common HP and customer goals.” To this end, HP launched with our customers, “business does not stop for 365 days challenge (Challenge 365, C365)” to enhance usability IT projects, IT services for specific or IT support system, through technology, processes and personnel overall assessment, carding and improvement plan, 365 days a year to achieve the purpose of unplanned downtime outside to help corporate clients establish a “sustainable operation,” the IT infrastructure.

“Challenge 365” is not a HP limit, in close cooperation with customers under the HP Technology Services team will be based on customer demand, the challenge of higher goals, namely, “challenge 500 days” program and the “Challenge 1000 days” project. “‘Challenge 1000 days’ does not mean that equipment 1,000 days been stopped, but the entire IT system outside the unplanned interruption of 1,000 days. This means that we at the technical level, starting from room to room air-conditioning, UPS, has been to HP’s hardware, operating system, database, applications do a good job overall tuning; from the process level, we take into account the client quota, change management, problem management, incident management and other issues, including personnel issues we will go and the customer to consider. “

Operation services of the troika

“HP’s IT operation and maintenance services are comprehensive, in the process, technology, processes, people are most concerned about three aspects of HP.” Yeh said.

The first is technical. As the product line one of the most abundant IT, HP business-critical servers, industry standard servers, storage, software and other areas of technical strength Excellence, especially last year, infrastructure integration (Converged Infrastructure, CI) of the Idea, the concept can help users to integrate existing computing, storage, networking, and support facilities, bringing a unified management, virtualization, highly automated technology environment. HP’s technology services to help customers transition to converged infrastructure, enabling customers to fully leverage existing technology investments, IBM ThinkPad T60 battery technology and equipment to eliminate redundant data center product issues, to simplify.

Followed by the process. Response to a high degree of integration of business and IT trends, IT services, HP’s special focus on understanding and optimizing customer business processes to achieve the operation and maintenance services, automation, process technology, virtualization and centralized. For example: HP launched HP Adaptive Operation (AO, Adaptive Operation) service is a process-based, remote centralized mode of operation and maintenance of automation is able to quickly respond and adapt to business changes in business environment and business development of IT operation and maintenance best good practice.

The third is personnel. Currently, Hewlett-Packard in the country has more than 3,000 service engineers, senior technical support team, as well as from the HP Global Solution Center and HP Lab on average more than 15 years experience in the Master-level technical expert resources. In addition, Hewlett-Packard call center in Dalian is one of the world’s six largest call center in support of including Singapore, South Korea, Japan and other Asia-Pacific region, including the IT services business, with a very experienced team of experts. When the first-line engineers can not solve the problems encountered, based on systematic problem management process will automatically upgrade the problem to upgrade to an expert team to the Asia Pacific Region.

“Technology business outcomes effectiveness of the decision, I hope HP IT support services in the operation and maintenance of sophisticated management methods and accumulated experience in the protection of Chinese enterprise customers running the important IT systems rely on sustainable, which is HP’s IT operation services of the goals and mission . “Ye Jianqiang tone.

Wide communications over Xuyu Yi: Operation everywhere

“Corporate culture, mode of operation. Our company culture is creative, execution, perfection, embodied in products, is to solve the problems users are most concerned about, bring value to the user; reflected in terms of management, innovative marketing is our most respected model. “Beijing Guangzhou Communication Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Yuyi the case up to explain his company’s business philosophy.

“So, we are doing on operation and maintenance of IT products, IT control center is to appropriately divergence, the monitoring equipment from the front-end IT systems to take one more step, and not just limited to the IT equipment operation and maintenance.”

In his view, such as video monitoring system of urban support platform for operation and maintenance of such projects, clients are most concerned about is the front-end equipment and cable management and maintenance issues, not the back-end servers and network equipment. Of course, also need to monitor network devices, but for most customers, including financial systems, including, most customers a headache IT infrastructure is not really, but the prospects of specific applications, including user experience, business availability, data security.

Thus, in product design, operation and maintenance management requires IT systems on demand operating environment for the system to be in the past for a variety of basic resources management subsystem to monitor all organically linked, through the provision of open interfaces, each summary subsystem failures and events, filtering, forwarding, auto response, alarm processing, and foundation platform for effective coordination and service management platform.

Unlike other peer, wide communication leading up to all heads of departments are the technical background. “We are marketing center was previously in charge of technical support department head, the reason for her transformation to Sony VGP-BPS2 Battery do marketing, because she understands technology, understanding of customer needs, there are innovative.” Xuyu Yi pointed out that the operation and maintenance services for the IT product marketing, relationship is 1, the technology is not absolutely dominant, “technology is only a support to solve the problem, not the customer to buy your technology, but buy your function to solve his daily work in the operation and maintenance problems. how this technology demonstrated ability to solve problems, which need your creativity and execution. It is precisely this point of view around the customer needs, to the customer to solve practical problems. “

Tai Chi Sun Guofeng: key strategic business services industries

“IT operation and maintenance is one of Tai’s strategic business. We hope to seize the government, finance, energy, metallurgy and so on several strategic key industry partners, with the formation of high-end customers, in good operation and maintenance management, based on gradually management and process management to the business direction. “Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. Strategic Development Unit, general manager of Sun Guofeng said.

Appears in the Sun Guofeng, nearly two years, the domestic IT market presents operation and maintenance changes in four aspects. First, operation and maintenance object. Victor previous IT operation to the desktop or product-based, now more steering system level, application-level operation and maintenance; second form of cooperation. Previously for a number of service providers also provide operation and maintenance services, customers now prefer general contractor, choose one to one service; again, the process is carried out operation and maintenance work. Previous operation and maintenance people to keep an eye mainly by machines other than the exception, also in need of a professional operation and maintenance tools; Finally, the previous operation and maintenance are often under the subjective personal desire or experience, operation and maintenance services are becoming more standardized and standardization, the future of this trend more obvious.

Conduct specific operation and maintenance business, Tai Chi, there are two general business forms: first, operation and maintenance management and operation services; second, value-added services, mainly in the design and operation and maintenance system for operation and maintenance platform for the implementation of the main. “For example, in the national power grid, our main line to help customers with pre-consultation, program design, operation and maintenance management as well as secondary development platform to build value-added services, third-party platform.”

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