SBI Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan

This fund was launched by the SBI mutual fund, to give the investors, a high opportunity for growth. It is one of the 5 Magnum Sector Funds umbrella launched by SBI. The funds were mostly invested in the equities which is a high risk investment. Only 0 to 10% of the funds were invested in other money markets.

SBI contra fund is a open ended equity scheme which invests in equities which are out of favour in the market. This fund was launched in 1999, with a minimum application amount of Rs 3000. There is no entry load for investing in this fund. But if you withdraw your fund within one year of investment, then you will be charged 1% of the amount as exit load. If you withdraw your amount after one year, then you will not be charged any exit load.

SBI mutual fund systematic investment plan is available for this scheme also. Under the recently launched “SBI Chota SIP” scheme, you can invest a minimum amount of Rs 100 per month or under systematic investment plan scheme you can invest a minimum amount of Rs 500 per month. These investments can be made either monthly or quarterly in advance. You can also choose sip auto debit facility for making monthly payments. For availing auto debit facility, you have to sign the bank authorization form along with the mutual fund application form. Once your application form is processed, your will get your updated statement. Once the monthly payment starts, you will get an updated statement every month with the updated units purchased in the folio.