Spot in Forex Futures

There is always a fight on the issue of Forex future and Forex spot that which one is better to trade at but as usual no satisfactory results because every individual has its own logic to prove his/her point correct and nobody else can falsify others logic.

In this discussion, we are not considering the points of leverage, guaranteed returns and expiry of the contract. The points that are mentioned will help to recognize whether the Forex future is a good alternative to trade or Forex spot.

Trading hours: Some Forex spots propagate that they are the only place that provides twenty-four into seven hours trading. However, this is not at all true as both Forex future and spot twenty-four hour a day and five days a week. The Forex trading market remains closed from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in North America. So, this point is dropped for further discussion as the time limits are same for both the concerns.

Forex spreads: The spread rate is not fixed in Forex futures and it may be from one pip or lower and sometimes it becomes negligible depending upon the market volatility. In Forex spot, the spread is variable but it varies with wide range around 2-3 pips or more in some major currencies. However, the advantage of spreads can be fetched in Forex futures trading.

Commissions: The Forex spot dealers do not take commissions because they can make money from spreads that is why spots are greater in forex spreads as compared to futures. The Forex future dealers take average commission of around 3.15 USD on per entry and exit that is equal to 6.30 USD each contract. Thus, there is no need to pay commission in Forex spot trading.

Flexibility: The Forex spot dealers have more volatile lot sizes. The Forex future has two defined lot sizes. The full-size spot contract usually has a bigger lot of around 100K in the Forex spot market and a mini contract is equal to the half of the full-size spot contract. The bigger lot sizes can make money management very difficult and this makes it an advantage of spot Forex trading.

Thus, there are some advantages and disadvantages remain attached with both the type of Forex contract of future or spot.

The article puts forth the advantages and disadvantages of the Forex trade contracts of Forex futures and spots to make it easy to differentiate that which one is better to trade with at the trading platform.