Stock Market Ego Represents Danger

If someone believes they are very good at trading in the stock market, but they have not put in the time and effort to learn proper trading principles, a major setback is almost certainly in the cards.

A brand new trader on their own is like a lamb walking into a jungle filled with lions. A veteran trader who has unsound trading principles will most likely lose year after year. This trader will probably blame some of it on bad luck. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with being successful long-term in the stock market or any other trading market.

The keys to consistently winning in the stock market or any other trading venue are proper trading knowledge and implementing correct trading psychology. Trading is a serious business and there is a steep learning curve if you want to be successful on a consistent basis. Trading is no different than becoming an engineer. It will take years of proper education.

Learn from the legendary traders and investors. The ones who have made fortunes trading the markets. Read their books. Study and learn their strategies. This includes Jesse Livermore, Bernard Baruch, Gerald M. Loeb, Nicolas Darvas, W.D. Gann, Ed Seykota and William J. O’Neil.

Your trading education can lead to unlimited wealth and give you the freedom to do what you want when you want. You will not learn proper trading education in any school or university as far as I know. Learn from the true masters. They will lead the way for you. This could be your ticket to great wealth and freedom.