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Global Biofuel Market Striving For Incessant Growth Trajectory

As per our new research report “Global Biofuel Market Analysis”, the global bio-fuel market will witness a fast growth track from 2010 onwards in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuels and degradation of environmental conditions. It is forecasted that, the global bio-fuel market will grow at a CAGR of around 18% during 2010-2013. Further, many governments across the globe have been implementing mandatory bio-fuel blend with the conventional fuel to further boost up the demand for biofuel.

Our study indicates that, as the increased usage of renewable and alternative fuels can result in significant reductions in the usage of petroleum-based fuels; it will become a preference for the users around the world. Further, bio-fuel is also anticipated to indirectly help in reducing poverty by providing a cheaper and more secure source of fuel in the long-term as it will reduce the proportion of household income spent on high-priced energy.

Our thorough research & analysis of the industry indicates that the American region, mainly the US, Brazil, and Canada, have been driving the global ethanol industry accounting for around 90% of the total global ethanol production. On the contrary, the EU will emerge as the leading biodiesel producer in the coming years accounting for over 60% of the total global biodiesel production.

“Global Biofuel Market Analysis” provides an extensive research and rational analysis of the global biofuel industry and its different segments. It presents a deep insight into the regional trends prevailing across the globe. Analysis and statistics regarding the market size, growth, regional segmentation, and trends in technology developments have been thoroughly studied in the report to provide clients a comprehensive overview of the biofuel industry.

Additionally, the report contains information about the government support, biofuel distribution issues, and cost analysis to help clients formulate appropriate strategies for the expansion of business in untapped markets. The report also presents brief information about the second generation biofuels, which will raise the production capacity per acre land, along with their social and environmental benefits.