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Forex Trading For Long Term Gains

Success while trading depends majorly on the understanding the trader has of the working and driving of the trading market and not on the method of technical analysis that is employed, as is commonly believed.

The idea behind forex trading is the appreciation in the value of one currency with respect to another, this type of trading lends itself in an apt way to technical analysis. Producers and consumers, as they engage in the exchange of goods and services influence the changing global economy, which in turn is reflected by the foreign exchange market.

Taking decisions based on price action before buying and selling requires that the technical trader have knowledge about the basic fundamentals of trading. For the trader who wants to go beyond buy on green, sell on red, here is a look at the fundamental factors that affect the value of currencies and drive the forex market.

The most important factor is growth data. The total value of the goods and services that the producers of a country produce is a part of the gross domestic product or GDP of that country and this gives a lot of information about the country’s economic growth. Keeping inflation checked while promoting growth is the main challenge in front of the Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England, among other central banks.

Moving on, it is important to understand inflation. The effect of inflation on production and consumption tells a lot about inflation itself. Foreign Exchange investors find it useful to monitor the producer price index or PPI, which shows the change in selling prices given to domestic traders over time, the consumer price index or the CPI which is a collection of prices products most commonly consumed and the personal consumption expenditures, which give a clear picture of the changes in prices of durables and non-durables.

Thirdly, the monetary policy should be taken up. The Central Banks have to mainly manage the monetary policies. The minutes from meetings, press bulletins and the official statements released by the central bank are closely monitored by expert forex dealers. Most of these official statements happen to be highly important because they regularly incorporate the bank’s official inflation targets and also explanations of how the banks propose to hit all those objectives, typically with raising or lowering interest rates, which usually have always been the motive force of currency forex market variances.

The next factor is Trading. Trade flows, usually expressed as surpluses and deficits, measure whether there is foreign demand for a country’s currency, treasuries and goods.

Emotions and industry psychology are genuine aspects. Any data that comes out suggesting that the economy is expanding or something good is happening is discounted and disregarded. The novice trader will feel abandoned after predicting a favorable increase in the value of the doctor which ultimately ends up declining in the forex market. Emulate the central bank’s predictions and the market commentary over time and go directly to the sources of the information and after that you are able to clearly understand just what exactly is changing the economy you will not make such mistakes.

Maximize Gains Reduce Taxes

Currency traders face complexities and nuances come tax time. You’ll be subjected to a number of taxes as well as the burden could improve when you don’t opt out of the IRC 988 and select the 6040. In terms of trading in currencies, unique tax rules apply. You can get two individual varieties of currency buying and selling and either has profound variations in tax and accounting procedures.

Foreign currency futures traded on regulated merchandise exchanges are handled the exact same as various other products along with futures as IRC segment 1256 contracts. All the trading done online also known as Eforex trading is all taken under the classification of the IRC section 988 contracts and is subject to different rules. Still previous to you begin trading, figure out whether or not you may be buying and selling part 1256 or area 988 contracts.

A number of currency investors work in both. Agreements on regulated goods deals are known as regulated futures contracts or RFCon currencies. Trades in the market made between various banks are known as foreign currency contracts or FCC. Commodities traders and currency traders are taxed very similarly with the only exception being that currency traders who opt out of the IRC section 988 for the IRC section 1256 contracts to get the tax friendly 6040 capital gains.

The principal intention of IRC section 988 is to tax foreign currency transactions that occur in a taxpayer’s normal course of international business. If a manufacturer purchases materials in a foreign country in a foreign currency, the fluctuation in exchange rates should be accounted for pursuant to IRC section 988. A fluctuation in interest rates occur when a manufacturer makes a purchase in another country using that currency but this fluctuation is accounted for in section 988 of the IRC. Section 988 sees exchange rate chance inside standard session of dealing comparable to interest.

In case you have cash forex buying and selling gains, you almost certainly will desire to elect from IRC part 988, to benefit from up to a 12 percentage stage decrease tax charge on your gains. Alternatively, for those who have money forex exchanging deficits, you could favor standard loss treatment around section 1256 money reduction treatment, in order that you might not desire to elect out of IRC section 988. Regular deficits can counter any form of earnings, nonetheless while IRC 1256 losses might be carried back up to 3 tax a long time, they could just balance out IRC 1256 gains in individuals many years.

Currency traders, recording their gains and losses can do in a simpler way. Not only can they receive the reduced tax 6040 remedy on dealing gains, but paperwork is simplified in the course of tax time. Traders receive a Form 1099 from their brokers at the end of the term which has a number indicating the trading gain or loss for the year with respect to the section 1256.

Just like securities traders, web based forex traders also have a great difficulty while accounting to pay taxes. Form 1099s report continues on securities dealings and some come with additional information for total product sales as well as acquisitions of investments options, mutual fund dealings along with buys involving securities. Cash forex transactions are not mentioned in the Form 1099 just as single stock futures. Most of these traders are on their very own.

Making Consistent Gains With Forex Trading

Trading Forex successfully is a not an easy endevour and if you approach it as an amateur you will join the 95% of new traders who lose and give up. In this article we’ll take a look at a variety of factors which are necessary to master the game of Forex trading.

1. Plan The Trade & Trade The Plan – If you want consistent results then you need to trade consistently. This sounds simple and obvious but because as humans we have emotions and emotional reactions it can be easy to get sidetracked. Most professional traders have a written trade plan and make notes each day to ensure that they follow the plan. In order to stay level-headed it’s important that you believe in your strategy, which generally means you have experience trading it and believe that you will gain consistently over the long run by following your plan.

2. Have Faith In Your Broker – A lot of Forex brokers are in the business to take your money and are not concerned with ethics. Take your time and do a lot of research on forums, blogs and chats to get an unbiased view of how the broker you are considering stacks up. Having the wrong broker can cost you your hard earned profits.

3. Be Very Careful Trading Around News – Look at the Forex Factory online calendar before getting into a trade. The news events noted with orange and red icons are major events and can substantially move the market. These news events can cause whipsaw and stop you out.

4. Simulated Results – Watch out for systems that show extraordinary results, especially “black box” indicator systems. You’ve probably seen systems like this that show a green dot when it’s time to buy and a red dot when it’s time to sell. When you look back on the charts they look amazing, what you don’t know is that often they “re-paint” which means that the wrong signals are deleted so you are not seeing the true performance history.

5. Leave Scalping To The Professionals – Scalping is when you go for small profit targets, usually anywhere from 1 to 20 pips. With most currency pairs you will need to give them a breathing room of at least 15 pips. If you are taking 5 pips profit and have a 15 pip stoploss, this means that one loss will wipe out 3 wins. You are now needing to win 75% or more of your trades to be profitable. When you take the spread that you pay to your broker into consideration the scenario gets much worse. With a 3 pips spread, to earn 5 pips you will need to have the trade go 8 pips in your favor and to lose you will only need the trade to go 12 pips against you.

6. Accept Your Losses – Another dangerous situation involves traders who don’t want to accept a loss. They will get into a trade with a “mental stop”, thinking that if it goes against them say 50 pips then they will take the loss – however when they are -50 pips they decide to give it more room and before they know it the trade has gone a great distance against them and their account is close to a margin call.

7. Risk Management Is Key – Trading involves risk, it is important that you set a comfortable risk level for each trade. Without risk management you may as well go to a casino and play roulette. Most professionals will not risk more then 2% of their trading account on any one trade. This way after an inevitable string of losses their account will not be devestated and they will be able to continue trading. Amateurs who play big and quickly lose half their account, now need to double their account just to get back to even – often this results in a downward spiral. Risk management is often the difference between an amateur and a professional and is crucial for making consistent gains.

Forex Trading Strategies – the Best Strategy for Novice Traders for Huge Gains

If you are looking at forex trading strategies and want to win with a simple one which works and will always work and takes less than 30 minutes a day then, one enclosed is for you. The strategy we are going to look at here is a long term breakout strategy.

The reason it works and will continue to make profits, is outlined below, as well as tips on what you need to incorporate in your Forex trading system to win.

Focus on the Big Trends

Firstly, look at any Forex chart and you will see big trends, that last for months or even years. If you can lock into these trends you can make huge amounts of money with leverage on your side. Forget about trading short term and focus on the long term, the odds are better and there is more money to be made.

Catching the Moves

If you look at any Forex chart, you will see that most big trends start from breakouts to new chart highs or lows and you should trade these breakouts.

Most traders can’t because they want to wait for the market to come back to get in at a more advantageous price but they wait in vain, as the trend continues.

If they would have bought the break, the odds of it continuing are high and they would have made money but they missed the move. This is why it makes so much money because most traders simply cannot do it. If you learnt to go with these breaks you can make a lot of money.

You only want to trade breakouts, where support and resistance is considered important by traders, so lots of tests and the level should have held at least twice before.

Indicators to Use

When trading breakouts, all you need are bar charts and some indicators which will tell you if momentum is accelerating into the break. If it is, chances are the break will continue. We have discussed various indicators in other articles – but two great ones are the stochastic and RSI, you can learn all about them in an hour or so and if you use them to confirm your moves, you will get the odds in your favour and win more trades.

Money Management

This is easy when trading breakouts – put your stop under the breakout point and wait for the move to gather momentum and then trail it – but don’t trail to close! Most traders move their stops to close and get taken out of the trade by short term volatility.

When trading big breakouts, you need to trail your stop slowly and outside of the pullbacks. Remember, to catch the big long term moves and stay with them you must accept short term swings against you.

That’s it

You can put together a simple, forex trading strategy, based on breakouts, in a week or less and trade it in about 30 minutes day.

Of all the Forex trading strategies you can use, as a novice forex trader this is one of the best as its so simple, so effective and so time efficient.

It works and will continue to work, as long as markets trend long term which doesn’t look like changing – So trade the big breakouts and make big Forex profits!

3 Digit Gains In Simple Forex Trading


Trading in the foreign exchange market is a potential profitable endeavor. A lot of people enter the business precisely because of this lure. But not all are successful in making money out of it. This is because they do not have the right information and the right tools to make profits in their forex trades. While some amount of work, and a lot of patience, is necessary to be able to experience profits in foreign exchange trading, the concepts and techniques are actually simple. You do not have to bust your brains nor your back in doing your forex trades just to see some profits.

Profitable trades in the triple digits can be gained by following a few simple tips:

1. Choose your trades. More trading does not necessarily mean more profits. In fact, jumping on every trade can actually make you lose more money than you are ready to part with. Effective forex traders cut their trading only to those with high odds. There are a few times in a year when contrary trades are highly profitable. Riding the long term trends in an overbought scenario and looking to jump out right before market corrects itself is the best way to profit from the particular currency outlook in the foreign exchange market. Do not waste your time doing short term day trading. The market is too volatile and random for you to time your trades properly.

2. Allow yourself to take more risks. Calculated risks are an absolute must in the foreign exchange market. Especially for those holding on to a small account, risking more per trade is a viable route than diluting potential gains by diversifying. It is advisable to increase the amount of your trade when the odds are in your favor. Accept risk as part of gaining in trading in the forex market. Those forex traders who are too risk averse sometimes unknowingly create risk when they instinctively flinch from the slightest hint of risk in the forex market.

3. Trust momentum indicators. Do not try to predict anything in the forex market. There is absolutely nothing that can predict the exact behavior of the forex market. What can help you make big profits in foreign exchange trading is to read momentum indicators. Here you can see how people are moving and reacting to market movements. Then, you can try and put the odds in your favor and hope that your wins will outweigh your losses.

4. Go for bigger gains. Not to say that you should shun small trades. You can maintain your short term trades and at the same time set up a trading system for bigger trades. The right market timing will allow you to enter best odd trades that will limit your risk while setting you up for maximum profits.