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Forex Trading – Why Technology Advances Have Not Increased The Odds Of Success In Forex!

In forex trading the application of technology and complicated mathematical formulas has not increased the chances of success and here we will explain why and also how you can win with a simple forex trading strategy…

The answer is simple – because forex markets don’t move with mathematical accuracy and if they did, we would all know the answer in advance and there would be no market!

Why You Cannot Predict Forex Prices

It’s a fact that you cannot predict markets in advance and all the people who say you can are wrong. You will see numerous forex robots that tell you can trade on auto pilot and win all the time – but they base there assumptions on a back tested track record – that means knowing the closing prices.

All they do is bend there system to fit the price sequence and make a profit. In real trading though, the same price sequence never repeats again and the system loses and you cannot bend the system rules going forward.

Learn the Odds Trade them and Win Big

Forex trading is an odds game – sure you can’t trade with mathematical accuracy but you can make money just like a successful poker player does. He doesn’t win all the time and has losing periods but he knows, if he plays the odds and uses sensible money management he will win.

Be Complex and Clever and You Will Lose

Complex theories are developed and used all the time but it’s a myth that a complex theory will beat a simple one – it won’t. Simple systems work best and always have because they are more robust with fewer elements to break.

Think about all the advances in computers software and theories, we have had in the last 30 years yet, despite all these advances, 95% of traders lost money in yester year and they still do today. Advances in technology and forecasting simply didn’t change the odds.

This shows that you don’t need to be complicated to win.

Keep it Simple and Win

Forex trading doesn’t require that your clever or make a lot of effort – it requires you to use a simple robust system which you understand and will have the discipline to trade through losing periods, with good money management, until you hit a home run. Its discipline to apply a robust system that’s the key and the system can be very simple

Forex trading is an odds game and will never change, so keeping it simple is the best way to trade. Don’t complicate something that’s simple, accept it and build your forex strategy around the odds and you will achieve currency trading success.