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3 Day Trading Rules You Should Never Break

Day trading is an addiction. It works like a drug. Both the success (profit) and failure (loss) in it results in more and more trading until it reaches to investor’s bankruptcy or to investor’s psychological imbalance. This could be saved if an investor follows 3 day trading rules given below. By following these trading rules you can make much money from day trading than you previously made following a hit-or-miss path.

3 unbreakable day trading rules

Trading rule 1: Stick to your plan, no matter what

Earning a lot of money every day before the closing bell rings could be the central idea, but it cannot be a plan, from any stretch of imagination. It can never pass for a plan. If this is all one got, the situation is not very bright. The sun will soon set in the horizon leaving a bitch-black darkeness behind.

It is, therefore, advised to have a proper plan for your day trading activities. And once a plan and the strategy to meet the goal set in the plan is created and tested, stick to it. Follow it to the dressing room, for even the best of the strategies, if not backed, will not succeed.

The worst thing a day trader could do to himself and his plan is to switch strategy at the drop of a hat.

Trading rule 2: Shun greed and be a nobleman

If you scan through the history of people losing money in day trading then you will see pages and pages of history littered with the stories of excessive greed. Greed, if controlled, could be a proponent of growth, but when left untamed, it brings disaster for its master.

Do not wait till the last minute for the bell to toll before you can surrender the winning hand. Sell it much earlier and remain satisfied with the profit you make, or even the loss you incurred.

Trading rule 3: Never be afraid of loss, it doesn’t matter

If day trading is a gamble, letting go of the bad cards dealt to you is the key to the pot. Many day traders are afraid of loss because of which they do not keep their minds and eyes open to see the bad trade they have done. At the end, they stick to a bad trade for long, which results in more loss.

The winner in the game of day trading is the one who knows when to hold it and when to fold it (surrender), so that the gain could be maximized and loss could be minimized. Keeping the losses small, in a sense, is saving money which didn’t flow through like sand from the clenched fist.

If you want to make real money in day trading then you should follow the day trading rules laid above. Breaking any of the day trading rules may push you away from your goal. Keep your goal in mind and follow the trading rules set above.

EA Trading System as Never Seen Before

Anticipating for your Forex trade to yield money here’s the unraveling, advent grant EA trading system as never seen before. Currently when we are facing crises of money and time Forex robots come as a big pie to us. Most of us want to earn quick fast money through Forex trading but do not have the required knowledge and time to do so and hence have to face big setbacks.

To help all newbies to the Forex industry mint money automated systems called Forex robots are being developed. Expert advisor as the name suggests is a type of Forex robot developed by the experts in the field. It can be defined as a system which completely automates the trading process by integrating trader’s real account into trading systems.

Expert advisor comes as a bumper beneficial system for us. It doesn’t need you to be addicted to the PC it functions its way and saves loads of your precious time. The robots catch on the technical analysis and free you from this burden. Forex EA system functions in a particular fashion of four week trend cycle which is popularly termed in the industry as “The 4 week rule”. On meeting the entry points it starts its role and ends when the exit conditions are achieved. Expert advisor works on calculated rules. The regulations are administered by “Switches” which are very much user friendly. Every EA comes with its own definition where the user has a right to readdress the defined rules. It makes your trading simple, fast and profitable.

Forex robots reduce our burden of risk and increase the chances of minting more and more. The psychological aspect of being unsecure and nonprofit making is been very well taken care of by the Forex Robots. The Expert Advisor deals with all size of accounts small and big, it never misses its goal of minting money for you.

Expert Advisor is a system which aptly proves that trading is the greatest step forward we have taken to make more and more profits. It will make our lives the paradise we have all envisioned, but have never seen.All these benefits of expert advisor make it one of the best forex robots which help us earn more and more money. It works on its own and mints money for while you sit near the TV and watch your favorite soaps. In fact it will make money for you even while you are sleeping.