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5 Time Saving Tips for Online Business Owners

It is super easy to lose track of time and get totally absorbed in time-wasting activities that ultimately zap your progress and keep your business at a standstill. To keep you on-task, here’s some time saving tricks that will help keep you focused on activities that keep your business moving forward.


  • Plan to work on your online business no less than 2-3 hours a day in the beginning stages and then you can reduce your time as needed once things are up and running.
  • Work on posting and traffic building tasks first within the first 30-60 minutes, then schedule the rest of your work tasks in 30 minute increments. And stick to it!
  • Use the Firefox internet browser – open the sites/pages/blogs you need to work on first, then use the save feature. Next time you open Firefox it will automatically open to those pages you need to access first. Don’t allow yourself to open any other tabs until you have completed your important tasks first.
  • Maximize your downtime – those times when you find yourself waiting at the doctor’s office or at the beauty/barber shop – carry pen and paper (or if you prefer, your laptop) with you at all times so you can quickly jot down article ideas or work on drafts.
  • Use the the “email post” feature (Blogger) to send “text message” posts from your cell phone. (You can set up this feature by going to your Blogger “dashboard.” Click “Settings,” then click “Email & Mobile,” scroll down to “Posting Options,” and create the email address you want to send messages to. Then select “Save Email as Draft Posts.” so that your messages don’t automatically post to your blog. Don’t forget to click “Save Settings”. Now you will be able to send emails or text messages to the new address. You will then be able to edit and then post the message whenever you’re ready.)

Let me know how these tricks work out for you!