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One Pacific Place Condo

One Pacific Place combines green architecture, streamlined design and flexible space in ensuringyou get the most out of your unit from the moment of purchase until years after. This high rise condominium development is situated in Salcedo Village, Makati. Here, you will definitely reap the fruits of your investment from the moment of purchase until years to come.

One pacific place 36-storey residential building at the heart of Makati CBD.Enjoy and feel comfortable
here at Makati and experience great facilities and accomodation.Investment for your hard earned money, for locally employed,with own business,OFW’s and immigration.From your home, you must have convenient access anywhere you want to go. It is also important to have security and enjoy a level of prestige in the home of your choice. Obtain space that is easy to maintain so you can have more free time to enjoy the condo amenities with family and friends. It is ideal to have different types of amenities in the building that will cater to your different moods. So call us now at (632)840.1168

This 36-storey building is designed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation. It boasts of 2 floors of open space and landscaped gardens integrated with first-class amenities. A building that is functional and logical – the result of an architectural design that follows minimalism without sacrificing style.The building has a different facade on each side resulting in different angles when viewed from outside.One Pacific Place is designed with your comfort in mind. The breathing and living space are balanced with the building features so you will have a place that is neither cramped nor underutilized. Several floor plans are available giving you many options in selecting the ideal layout that suits your personal needs. Whichever unit you choose, you are ensured that your living space is functional and stylish. You even have the opportunity to combine units to create that customized look and feel. Living the high life the smart way.We are always happy to hear from you!