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Valcent Products Inc (OTCBB:VCTZF) @ValcentProdInc On Twitter Morning Notes Publisher: Michael A. Berry

1. FOOD: THE NEXT BIG DISCOVERY SPACE If you have any doubt about the value of discovery you only need to examine the food space. The price of protein is skyrocketing as are grain prices. Prices for raw foods (agricultural products) rose 22% on average in 2007. US consumers are paying at least 6.0% more for their food than 1 year ago. Click on the link below for the rest of the article. File: 239 KB, approx. 45 seconds at 56.6Kbps March 31, 2007 Dr. Berry’s Discovery Investing Presentation Publisher: Energy Security Author: Michael A. Berry, Ph.D. Michael Berry has been a portfolio manager for both Heartland Advisors and Kemper Scudder where he successfully managed small and mid cap value portfolios. Dr. Berry has specialized in the study of behavioral strategies for investing and has been published in a number of academic and practitioner journals. His definitive work on earnings surprise, with David Dreman, was published in 1995 in the Financial Analysts Journal. Previously, Dr. Berry was a professor of investments at the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia and has also held the Wheat First Endowed Chair at James Madison University . Dr. Berry is a respected and dynamic speaker. He regularly presents around the world on topics such as value investing, the role of Austrian Economics in investment management, behavioral investing strategies and is a specialist in developing case studies to teach investors how to invest. While a professor, he published a case book, Managing Investments: A Case Approach. He has also focused on the role of precious metals and energy exposure in the asset allocation of the individual and institutional investor. Dr. Berry publishes Morning Notes by Michael Berry, Ph.D. daily. This publication is distributed to clients worldwide to identify current market opportunities and behavioral anomalies. Click on the link below for the rest of the article.

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