7 simple stock market tips for beginners


The markets can be a scary place for beginners. Some people think the stock market is a good place to make easy money quickly. Nothing is further from the truth. The beginner’s stock market is a place full of short-term promises, but in reality it takes two things to make money: a keen sense of money management and thorough research.

Research the stock market. Just like you wouldn’t start a business without figuring out whether it’s economically viable in the long run, don’t invest without doing some background research. This research should include a thorough study of the business climate and the companies whose stocks you are looking to buy.

What’s your trading plan? Next, you should work out your trading plan. Will you act on a daily basis or will you make long-term decisions? Day trading usually implies short term goals while long term investing implies goals like retirement.

Read economic and financial analysis data. The Beginner’s Exchange is a place full of financial and accounting information. To understand the numbers, subscribe to an online or print source for market data. The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is one such place that offers free brochures on economics and financial markets.

Practice investing. Another great way to learn about the stock market for beginners is to use a hands-on approach. Nowadays you can use computer simulated software and pretend to trade without using any real money. Then, once you are comfortable with the stock market, you can get in with real money and real investments. To do this, take a look at Investopedia’s online stock market trading software.

Follow the advice of successful investors. You can also choose a mentor who is successful in investing in the stock market and learn from them by following their advice and tips. Most people choose the world’s most famous and successful investor, Warren Buffet, but you can choose anyone whose advice makes the most sense to you and who should be followed clearly and logically.

Choose a broker. When you choose a full service brokerage firm, you can get financial advice and tips for the price you pay. Choosing a discount broker is all you get is a stockbroker who will buy and sell the stocks for you, but not offer advice. Which would suit your needs better? Find out before you start investing.

Buy and sell stocks yourself. If you decide to buy and sell stocks yourself, you can use the services of a discount broker or even an online broker so that you can trade stocks without leaving your home have to leave.

Whichever approach you begin with, keep in mind that for beginners, the stock market takes time. Most likely you will lose a few in the beginning, but hopefully with practice and a better grasp of how the market works you should hopefully become a successful investor!


Source by Kelly Clifford