Basic Forex -Forex Trading Transactions

There is a basic concept that must be understood in advance about how to profit when the forex transaction.

Trading forex / forex transactions that kind there are 2 of the transaction opening and closing the transaction.

When you perform a transaction opener, it was called the OPEN POSITION / OPEN, because you open yourself to the possibility to profit or loss can be.

Meanwhile, when you perform a transaction closing, it is called POSITION CLOSE / CLOSE to close all possible because you can gain or loss, and make it come true profit and loss.

so it could be said that the forex transactions plot:


OPEN – CLOSE, OPEN – CLOSE, OPEN – CLOSE continue like that. That’s the general idea.

OPEN type that there are 2 of BUY and SELL

What does it mean we can Buy and Sell used first? yes, in forex trading is so, but you do not need to be confused, and no to  be confused in depth, if i try to write here it will be long explanatioon You just know that in forex transactions we can BUY or SELL used first. That is all.

Now how that transaction profit?

Profit / profit would you get if:

Any price now, you BUY then prices then your UP CLOSE


Any price now, you SELL then price and then you CLOSE DOWN

So to say that a profit formula forex transactions that:

BUY ==> Price Up ==> CLOSE

SELL ==> Price Down ==> CLOSE

So if you want profit you must know the price is whether to ride or going down so that you can determine whether to Buy or Sell.

Regarding the way in order to know the price going up or going down please learn forex technical analysis.