Brand Principles Introduces Latest Market Research Report on Gpcr – Drug Targets has been working on various market research reports pertaining to biotechnology which is there expertise and thus, concentrate only on this industry which is growing at a high speed. These unique research reports are of immense value to investment banks, companies, management consultants, trade associations, corporate executives, business analysts, libraries, universities, and business schools.

This market research report on G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) – Drug Targets covers the types of GPCR Families and the various Ligands targeting GPCRs. The GPCR families covered include Rhodopsin, Secretin, Glutamate and Other. The Ligands targeting GPCRs include Peptides or Proteins, Biogenic Amines, Lipids and Other.

The report provides a market analysis of each of the Families and Ligands targeting GPCRs by their respective categories. The study includes estimates and projections for the total global GPCR – Drug Targets market and also key regional markets that includes North America, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) and Rest of World. Estimates and projections are illustrated graphically for 77 exhibits. Business profiles of 24 major companies engaged in developing GPCR targeted drugs, GPCR cell lines and GPCR Assays are discussed. The report serves as a guide to global GPCR-Drug Targets market, covering 137 companies that are engaged in the development of GPCR Targeted Drugs and GPCR Assays. Information related to recent product releases, Assay developments, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions are also covered in the report.

A free sample of report is available on request sent through their website – GPCR – Drug Targets.

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