Bulk Tape – Bigger The Cheaper

In any business larger supplies of goods and items fetch attractive prices which are cost effective in the longer run and a profit making factor. The general business model all over the world is more or less same. Starting from manufacturers, distributers, whole- sellers, dealers, retailers to sub retailers and finally to consumer. The same business model is also followed in the business of tapes. There are various manufacturers of tapes all across the world that makes tapes of all types and categories. Bulk tape is one of them which may belong to any category the main ones are electrical tape, duct tapes, Gaffer tape, dual sided tape, foam tape, packaging tape and Velcro tape.

There are some commonly used and popular tapes which are consumed in larger qualities, these types of tapes manufactured in relatively bigger rolls and bulk tape is supplied to various industries for myriad applications. The packaging Industry is one of the biggest consumer of the tapes as they require the same for the variety of things. The Bulk tape is available in both general purpose and premium grade categories. The packaging tapes comprises of masking tape, flat-back tape, filament tape, aisle marking and barricade tapes. These tapes are sold and shipped by distributors of the major tape manufacturer brands online. Most of the dealers online who sell variety of tapes also sell small tape dispensers and bigger dispensing machines at reasonable prices. For instance a masking tape yellow sure line 3/8 by 60 yards is available for under 10$ for 4 rolls, which is very economical for the industrial use and you can get further discount on the bulk orders and shipping is absolutely free. There is one 3M masking tape which you can get in 4 different sizes under bulk tape. This is an all purpose paper tape made of crepe which can be applied for bundling, holding, protecting and masking. The length is standard 60 yards and breadth is ½, ¾, 1 and 2 inches. The price ranges from 6$ to 19 $ for such tapes.

There other categories of tapes that are sold as bulk tape in the market. Some of the popular ones are transfer tape, black photo tape- which has pro-tape and specialty, packaging tapes both in transparent and tan ones, filament tape this comes in three sizes and double coat foam tape. All these tapes come in various sizes and colors. There are few companies in the world that are making customized tapes in bulk for variety of industries. You can order as per your specifications the length, breadth, thickness and finish. The printing can also be customized as per your needs and specifications. There is one SpiderTech tape from Japan that is available as bulk tape. It is 2″ wide and 57 yards long which is equal to 6 rolls of spider tape. This is made of high grade cotton and 100% acrylic adhesive. This tape is very soft and breathable and is liked by most of the athletes who despite injury would like to continue their actions.