Learn To Trade Forex – Advice From A Group Of Traders Who Made Millions

Learn To Trade Forex

If you are looking for the best way to trade Forex, you should start by looking at the group of traders enclosed, these traders learned to trade in just two weeks and made hundreds of millions of dollars! It’s an interesting story and one which can lead you to success so let’s look at it.

If you want the best way to learn to trade Forex, ignore all the people who tell you that there is a way to beat the market, there isn’t. All the people trying to sell you Forex Robots and other get rich quick systems – should be ignored, you need to make some effort but the rewards can be staggering, as we are about to find out. The group of traders we are going to look at in this article, learned the basics and you must to but the good news is they learned to trade in two weeks and became legends; if you are thinking maybe these traders were nerds, think again.

The people who learned to trade in two weeks consisted of an actor, a security guard, a kid out of high school and a lady auditor, to name just a few. This diverse group were picked by trading legend Richard Dennis, to prove anyone could win at trading and learn quickly. He was proved right, as his group of traders made over $200 million in 4 years. They were called the “turtles” and the system they were taught is now free online and if you look at the system you will see how simple it was. The system is less effective today, as market volatility has increased ( the experiment was 25 years ago) but it still makes good profits and has all the elements a good system should: Learn To Trade Forex

It was easy to understand, was based on trading the reality of price change via breakouts, it focused on the big long term trends and had strict money management parameters.

Many of the traders in interviews stated the system was easy to understand but hard to follow with discipline. Discipline is hard for most traders, as they simply can’t take losses, so they run them and when they have profits they cut them too soon! What you need to do to win is to cut losses and run profits, the above system had far more losers than winners but made huge gains.

Discipline comes from a solid education and confidence in your systems ability to perform long term; if you have confidence and you accept and take your losses and have the courage to milk the big trends for all there worth, you can make a lot of money.

So when anyone tells you, you need to work hard or have a college education to win, don’t believe them you don’t. Many of the top traders in the world, are high school drop outs and use simple systems but they all have one thing in common which you have probably already guessed – A humble attitude, respect for the market and the discipline and courage to follow their plan.

If you have understood this article you will now know the best way to learn to trade Forex and also understand that if you adopt the right mindset it’s the key to a huge regular income. Learn To Trade Forex

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