Motorola Dext 2 – A Smart Phone With a Difference

Motorola Dext 2 is all set to be launched by the Motorola Corporation. It is going to be an affordable business phone with all the latest features.

Motorola is all set to launch its new offering in the smart phone segment. The new entrant from the stable of Motorola is Motorola Dext 2. In UK it is being seen as successor of Motorola Dext, which was fairly successful. For the phone lovers in UK it is the affordable business phone with latest features that the market was lacking. In general business phones lack the style and grace of other smart mobile phones; but, it is definitely not the case with Motorola Dext 2.

That is the reason it is being believed that there will be many willing to go for Motorola Dext 2 contract once the mobile phone gets launched. And, this time every thing seems to be in place. Unlike the other business phones this one is carrying an attractive design. Probably, Motorola people have realized that these days it is just not the business people who are going for business phones. So, it brings together the best of both the worlds.

Yes, there just can not be any complaint about the eye-catching design and features are definitely unparalleled. This time mobile users will have full QWERTY key pad. Add to it the 3.7 inch touch screen display, and things only get better from here. Till now Blackberry business phones have dominated the market like anything. But, with this offering Motorola seems all set to give a tough competition to them.

It gets further explained by the fact that it runs on Android 2.2 operating system, which is all set to get upgraded this time around. Apart from all the business features, it scores good on the entertainment front too. All these positive points are further accentuated through the deals offered by the network providers. There is a huge probability that many people would like to go for Motorola Dext 2 orange as Orange will also offer the best possible deals with the handset. Otherwise, all the network providers that include Vodafone, Virgin, O2, T-Mobile and others are offering all kinds of deals like contract deals, pay as you go deals, Sim free deals, etc. The contract deals offered with the handset are bound to turn it quite affordable.