Online Forex Trading Tutorial – Easier Method to Learn Forex Trading

Online Forex Trading Tutorial

If you’re a person who have difficulties in learning by reading a bunch of theories, step by step guidance may be the one that you need. In other words, you’ll learn better with a good forex trading tutorial that split the lessons in a few steps and make you do the steps yourself so it can be easier to understand.

Nevertheless, if you’re not familiar with forex trading at all, you still have to start with theories such as definition of leverage, pips, currency pair, etc. But since the motto of a good forex trading tutorial is “make the student do it”, here’s what you should do:

1. Open a demo account in an online forex broker that uses MetaTrader4 trading platform. Here are some suggestions: AvaFX, TadawulFX, and FXCM. Note that AvaFX and FXCM offer two types of trading platform, so make sure you choose MetaTrader4 (also known as MT4). Online Forex Trading Tutorial

2. After you install the platform, log in and check the platform interface. With the trading platform before you, it’ll be easier to explain something and you can test it right away.

By default, the top left area is the currency pair column. The “symbol” column consist of currency pairs such as USDCHF (US Dollar and Swiss Franc), GBPUSD (British Pound Sterling and US Dollar), EURUSD (Euro and US Dollar), and so on.

The next column is “bid” (also known as “sell”) column; it represents how much you will get for selling the first currency. Example: sell EURUSD at bid rate 1.362 means you spend EUR 1 to gain USD 1.362.

The “ask” (also known as “buy”) column represents how much you must spend the second currency to gain the first currency. Example: buy EURUSD at ask rate 1.378 means you spend USD 1.378 to gain EUR 1. Online Forex Trading Tutorial

Now right click on one of the currency pair and click “new order”. A new order window will pop out and you’ll see two big “sell” and “buy” button. Try to click one of them and you’ll get a confirmation message that you have executed the order successfully. You can check your trade information at the “trade” tab at the bottom of your MT4 platform.

A forex trading tutorial that makes the student always actively participate in the lesson can make it easier for a new trader to understand how forex trading works. If you can understand your trading platform interface and their uses at the end of the tutorial, you have mastered the basis of forex trading. Online Forex Trading Tutorial

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