Pay Per Click Account Management Basics – What You Should Expect

Pay per click account management is an important part of managing the online end of your business. While most businesses understand the value of a pay per click advertising campaign, few understand the particulars of running a PPC campaign well enough to manage their various pay per click accounts effectively. That’s given rise to marketing and management companies that offer pay per click account management services to companies that don’t have their own advertising departments to handle the task. Understanding what you can expect from a pay per click account management company can help you choose the best PPC company for your needs.

A comprehensive PPC account management company offers all of the following services in various combinations.

Analysis of Your Competition and Current PPC Marketing Strategy

The first step in creating an effective pay per click campaign is analyzing your current marketing strategy and evaluating your competition to see what’s working. PPC campaigns rely on choosing the right keywords and phrases to target with your ads. Understanding how people are finding your competitors – as well as what’s not working for you – will help a pay per click account management company design a PPC marketing campaign that works for your business.

Target Market Analysis

As with any advertising campaign, a PPC campaign relies on targeting the right audience. Many of the best pay per click account management companies will analyze your market to help you identify the best target market for your services. This may involve analyzing where your competitors are placing ads and why, as well as identifying specific websites and demographics to target with your PPC ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising Development

The target market analysis will help the pay per click management agency develop ads designed to attract your most likely, and most profitable, audience. Some cheap pay per click management companies outsource this part of your account management or use ad templates to create ads for your company, but the best PPC companies develop multiple custom ads for each client company to guarantee you the best conversion rates and results.

PPC Ad Testing

One of the most important parts of creating a successful PPC campaign is testing multiple versions of ads to find those that deliver the highest click through rate and the highest conversion rate. Most PPC management companies include testing new ads as part of the PPC services.

Integration with SEO

A high-end pay per click account management company will work with you to integrate their marketing efforts with your on page SEO for landing pages and other site pages to increase the conversion rate of your ads. The PPC ad campaigns that provide the best ROI are those that treat the entire selling process as a coordinated whole rather than separate parts that have to be forced to work together.

Setting Up Conversion Counters and Tracking

It’s not enough to just create ads and set them loose in the wild. You need to be able to track visitors once they reach your website. Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines provide conversion counters to help you analyze what site visitors do after they land on your site so you can tweak and adjust your PPC campaign and marketing strategy.

Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting

The final service provided by a pay per click account management company is follow-up, which includes monitoring ad performance and click through rates, optimizing your site for the best performing ads and tweaking your keyword list so that you’re not paying for keywords and ads that don’t convert to business for you.

Contact a pay per click account management company to reduce your work load and increase your profits by applying their knowledge of SEO techniques and PPC marketing to your website.