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Predict the stock market with the help of The Dow, a website devoted to better understanding the market and its changes. It can be difficult to get a solid grasp on the stock market and how to maximize your investments. That’s why The Dow Theory was started — to give you solid information and helpful tools that work to lend readers the expertise and experience of our site’s creator.

Founded by Jack Schannep, a former stockbroker age firm senior officer and highly experienced Dow Theory expert, The Dow Theory is a site intended for readers that want to be able to more accurately predict the stock market’s ebbs and flows. Schannep became well known among fellow stockbrokers and industry observers on the strength of his Timing Indicator and his advanced market predictions. He published them as the Schannep Timing Indicator Quarterly Letter until his retirement and continues to share accurate stock market predictions and advice through The Dow Schannep is motivated by the desire to share his secrets for financial success with others, helping them to retire earlier and lead happier lives.

Schannep and The Dow Theory have created a resource that gives you the information you need to financially excel and predict the stock market with greater and more beneficial results. Our website is packed with information that covers the basis of Schannep’s theories on the market, allowing you to share in the experience that has garnered his success. Using the Dow Theory as it applies to the 21st century market, readers can benefit from an investment strategy that makes (fantastic change to impressive) returns possible.

At The Dow Theory, we provide you with the Schannep Timing Indicator, a tool that allows you to more accurately predict the stock market. The Timing Indicator is based on the original system that helped to make Jack Schannep a leader in his field. It has been updated to better predict the stock market in today’s economic climate and help guide you toward smarter investments with better returns. By recognizing that no two Bear or Bull markets are exactly the same but still considering their common features, Schannep has been able to create a Timing Indicator that predicts market changes with outstanding results.

The Dow Theory hosts content that can’t be found anywhere else on the web and, best of all, the majority of the site’s content is available for free. Sign up for The ‘Dow Theory newsletter and receive access to the latest information from Jack Schannep. Our website is also full of important (tips change to advice) and guides to the market that let you predict the stock market with a sound theoretical foundation backing your decisions.

Let us help you with the information and tools you need to more accurately predict the stock market. Sign up for The Dow Theory newsletter or visit us today to learn more about our (system change to approach) and what it can do for you.

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